Finding the Perfect Apartment [5 Signs It’s the ONE]

It’s time to hunt for an apartment close to school and find one that fits all your needs! 

You better believe you’re going to have a great time apartment “shopping” and hunting for the perfect home.

 If you have a friend who would like to come with you, bring them along for the ride. 

A friend who knows you well can help you find the perfect apartment based on your needs. They’ll also be able to help you decide which amenities and other apartment features you can or can’t live without.

If you’re not sure how to tell whether you’ve found the perfect apartment, these signs will help you out. 

Remember that as cliche as it sounds, home is where the heart is. 

So go with your heart and the rest will take care of itself! Well, as long as you pay rent on time! 

1. It’s in the right location

Finding an apartment in the right location is everything. If you’re a student who needs to be close to campus, it’s especially important.

If an apartment a half an hour away with less expensive rent is calling your name, don’t let it pull you too far away from campus yet. 

You may end up spending the same amount in gas as it would cost you to pay in extra rent for the close-to-campus location! 

Plus, it may not make sense to live far away from campus. If you need to run to school to talk to a professor or spontaneously meet a friend to study, you won’t be able to do that.

Driving takes time, and it also can cause extra stress depending on the traffic. So, if you feel torn between two apartments, make the location the primary deciding factor. 

Even if you think you can commute every day, after a while, it can get overwhelming. Be realistic about the location of your apartment, and make the best decision based on your needs.

2. The apartment layout is perfect 

You may have a specific apartment layout in mind while attending school. While hunting for apartments, keep in mind what type of design would work best. 

Take into account the amount of furniture and belongings you have. You should be able to fit everything in your apartment. If you can’t fit everything you may need to get rid of a few things. 

If you have one roommate, you might do well in a 2-bedroom 2-bathroom apartment. Not only will you get to spread out, but you’ll have more privacy

Having your own bathroom is undoubtedly ideal, as well. If you plan to cook at home, having a full kitchen may also be necessary for you.

After going on tours at a few apartment complexes, you might find a layout that checks all the boxes. 

At that point, why are you waiting to sign on the dotted line? Confirm with your roomie that this is the place and get excited to make a move!

3. It offers the amenities you want

It’s a great feeling when you find an apartment that offers the amenities you want.

If you’ve taken a lot of time to consider all your options, you have nothing to fear! 

While it’s hard to find an apartment that has everything you want, you should be able to get reasonably close. 

When it comes down to it, you may need to decide which amenities are essential. For example, you may need to choose between having a basketball court or a 24/7 study area.

We know — choices, choices! 

If you found an apartment that’s close to school and has poolside sunbeds (so cool!), there’s probably a big smile on your face. 

Knowing you’ll get to relax in a beautiful apartment with easy access to your school is ideal. 

And, being able to enjoy a nice gym, cafe, and a volleyball court at the complex is extra icing on the cake!

4. You can afford the rent 

Finding an apartment that fits in your budget is fantastic, but it may not always happen that way.

If the rent is well past your budget, consider getting a roommate. At that point, rent may still be a tad too expensive for you both. 

Sometimes you may need to pay a little bit more to be close to a school or enjoy exceptional amenities.

While that may seem like a bummer, think of it this way: You’ll probably end up saving money.

Here’s why: If you rent an apartment an hour away, you’re going to have to spend a lot of money on gas to commute.

Or, if you end up paying for a gym membership when a more expensive apartment has one, that wouldn’t make sense. 

If everything aligns and you can afford the rent, that’s good news. Before taking the plunge, add up all your expenses one last time so you can make a sound decision.

Finding an apartment you can afford and offers the amenities you want means it’s time to celebrate!

5. The management team is incredible 

Staying in an apartment complex you like is cool. Staying in a complex that has a helpful management team is totally awesome! 

If you’re getting good vibes from the leasing consultant who showed you around, that’s a good sign. 

Even though you like the leasing consultant, try to meet the rest of the management team as well. 

If you’re able to communicate well with the apartment management team, that’s great.

If something comes up such as — heaven forbid — a leak in your kitchen, you’ll know who to contact. 

Since the maintenance team will likely respond to a leak and similar issues, make sure you meet them as well. 

Being well-acquainted with the management team at your complex is essential. 

When questions and concerns pop up, there shouldn’t be any doubt that they’ll help you sort things out.

So if you have a good feeling and like the team members you’ve met, that’s a good sign you’ve found the right place.

So, how’s your apartment hunt coming along? Hopefully making critical decisions is going well so far. 

We have a feeling that by continuing to put your thinking cap on, you’ll find an apartment that’s the perfect fit. 

It’s okay if it means going on a few tours. After checking out a handful of apartments, you’ll start to lean in a particular direction. 

Double-check all your boxes before signing a lease. Your ideal apartment should be in a great location, have all the bells and whistles, and have a great management team. 

While it’s impossible to find a perfect apartment, it is possible to find an apartment that’s perfect for you!.

Good luck and happy apartment hunting!

Editor’s Note: Ryan Sundling is a Group Marketing Manager at Cardinal Group Management and works closely with Wildwood Baton Rouge to help them with their marketing efforts. He has over ten years of experience in the student housing industry.

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