The Intervention In The Education System – Coaching Centres

India is the most populous democracy in the world. It has 29 states with different cultures and civilizations. Only in India, you can see cultural change in every 20 km distance traveled. If this is the case then think about the difference between the south India (Tamilnadu, Kerala, Karnataka, Andhra Pradesh, Telangana)  and north India( Rest of the states).

The report says that south Indians are doing better than the north Indians in terms of quality of governance, better leadership etc.  The per capita income of the south have increased in the recent years and the poverty has declined notably compared to their counterparts in the north. The reason for this is the quality of governance, better leadership, and political stability.

Education is also one of the main reasons for this development. Many north Indians are migrating to the south in order to get a job in their own field of interest. Not only for job opportunities but also for the better education they are coming to south India. So the contribution of north Indians in the development of south should be recognized. In order to close this gap, the Indian government is implementing one nation one system schemes such as Aadhaar card, one nation one tax (GST), common entrance exams like JEE MAIN.

Reports say that the literacy rate of the south Indians is far better than the north Indians. But at the same time, North Indians outperforms the south people when it comes to the admissions (the prediction is the same for NEET as well) into the premium institutes like IITs, IIMs, AIIMs. Even though Andrapradesh is the leading supplier of students for those institutes the next five states (Uttar Pradesh, Rajasthan, Maharashtra, and Bihar) belongs to north India, which is a clear sign of dominance. These states contributing more than 80,000 of the 1.54 lakh students (53.3%) who qualify the JEE Main exam, the entrance test for the Indian Institutes of Technology.

Hyderabad is the hub of coaching centers in south India for the standardized entrance examinations. Likewise, Kota in Rajasthan is the main hub of coaching centers in North India. Kota, or as popularly known, “The Coaching Capital of India”, in the past decade the city has emerged as a popular coaching destination for competitive exams preparation. Over 1.5 lakh students from all over the country flock every year towards the city for IIT Jee preparation.

The disparity between the South and North India lies in many factors whether it is food, language, festivals, education system followed, politics, political stability. Despite the fact that there exist many differences between north and south still on many occasions like Cricket matches whole India comes together irrespective of the caste religion and other disparities. As strength lies in unity, being a developing nation in order to increase our potential we have to move ahead of these disparities and look towards improving our nation together.

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