Your Guide to Ripping Music from YouTube

YouTube currently hosts a plethora of music, DIY clips, videos from concerts and rare recordings among many kinds of videos. The kind of rich content available on the video streaming website makes it a personal favorite among Internet audience online. Video content is geared to become the most favored type of content on the Internet, and YouTube videos help give online audiences what they want.

Nothing lifts the mood better than a good song or a musical video present on YouTube. However, there are some limitations when it comes to YouTube videos; one of them being the inability to watch these videos without an active Internet connection. If you don’t have a good Internet connection, you wouldn’t be able to get the content you desire.

While facing such a situation, all users want to have a better experience regarding viewing online videos that they watch most frequently. YouTube doesn’t have any features that allow offline playback yet, but as any techie well-versed with such issues will tell you, there is always a way out of such a conundrum. Movavi Screen Recorder is there to help you in providing a solution that can enhance your entertainment experiences.

Movavi Screen Recorder lets you rip audio from YouTube and helps you save it for later. The method is extremely efficient and has helped many people save audio from their favorite YouTube tracks and playback on various devices without needing an Internet connection.

The steps for recording audio through YouTube are fairly simple and barely involve any complex
steps. Just follow the steps below and you’d be fine!

1. Install Movavi Screen Recorder

Download Movavi Screen Recorder and follow the guidelines to have the program installed on your computer. The setup process isn’t that complicated and won’t take much of your time. You can hence get to capturing YouTube audio and saving it as MP3 files in no time.

2. Set Parameters

Open the clip you want to record on YouTube and run the Screen Recorder. If you want to record the video as well, you can draw the frame across the screen to match the size of the video, but if you just want the audio, you can draw the frame anywhere. Ensure that the system audio sign in the middle of the taskbar is green, and that the microphone is switched off. Switching on the system audio feature would record audio, while turning off the microphone would limit any external noises.

3. Rip MP3 from YouTube

Follow the easy steps in Movavi Screen Recorder’s interface to hit pause and stop to record the MP3. You can use the application’s hotkeys for this in order to get a more precise rip.

4. Save the Captured YouTube Clip

Once the video/audio has been completely captured, you will witness a preview window pop up. To extract the audio from the file, click Save As and initiate the export process. Save the captured audio as a MP3 file so you can enjoy playback on your PC, Mac and a wide variety of devices that support the audio format.

Once you’re done with capturing and saving the audio, get your earphones out and have a good time
listening to your favorite tracks without being online.

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