Why You Should Consider BetterHelp As an Alternative To Traditional Therapy

Depression is nothing to be taken lightly at all. Many are the days that our moods are affected due to one or two things, which might seem normal at first, but when the bad feelings persist for long; it might be time to see a therapist. You need not let things get bottled up as they can affect your mental health as well as your overall well being.

Fortunately, we live in a technologically advanced world where the medical field has made revolutionary changes. Today, you can access almost everything online, needless to say, you can talk to a therapist when need be.

What then are some of the benefits of BetterHelp?

  1. Convenience

We live in a fast paced world where our schedules are becoming busier by the day. And as if that is not enough, it becomes even harder for one to get a balance between their work and their social life. Sadly, failure to have a work-life balance may lead to depression which if not addressed at an earlier stage may become a massacre. Thankfully, we can now access BetterHelp whenever and wherever we are and get help immediately.

  1. Anonymity

To be honest, one of the reasons why many people die of depression is because they fear being judged. The stigma that comes with it can be unbearable to many which make them not want to share their issues with anyone. Nevertheless, with BetterHelp, you can still get help and bring back your happiness back without necessarily other people knowing about your treatment.

  1. Accessibility

BetterHelp has professional counselors who have the necessary experience to guide. Also, according to BetterHelp, the counselors are fully licensed. This is backed up in the E-counseling review, which also states that counselors are fully licensed…meaning that you are assured of having a seamless experience. You are at will to choose the therapist who is best fit for you depending on the specific area that you need help; be it addiction, anxiety, depression, mention it. Furthermore, you can choose the type of counseling that you most prefer between live counseling and asynchronous counseling. Live counseling involves the use of teleconferencing or the use of a telephone. On the other hand, asynchronous counseling is when you text your counselor in the process and wait for their response; most often the response is in real time.

  1. Affordability

BetterHelp comes in handy as it eliminates some of the costs such as transportation costs that you would have otherwise incurred while getting help in a physical counseling center. Additionally, therapists also save on expenses such as rental costs as they do not have to get a physical location to provide their services; they can do that at the comfort of their homes.

  1. Flexibility

With BetterHelp, you have the freedom to choose whatever time you want your sessions to be. You are guaranteed to always find a therapist on board who is more than willing to offer you a hand and guide you through your healing process.


If you have gone through this, and you feel like you need help, or someone close to you does, BetterHelp counselors are ready to hold your hand and help you bring your smile back.

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