5 Design Tips For Creating An Effective Banner Design!

Creativity can make or break your campaign; however, under the hood, there are some set of rules that can make or break your ad.  And, that’s when banner ads come into play!

Banner ads have now become one of the most copious forms of online marketing, with most of the businesses using it for promoting business online. They are considered as one of the most effective, affordable and measurable medium to increase online presence and to enhance brand awareness.

Additionally, if used properly, banner ads can transform visitors into leads to let you make profits. While banner ads are so popular, dive-in to know some of the most effective design rules that will help you create an effective banner design:

Stick To Standards:

If the standardization of Google Adsense is to be considered, the standard banner sizes are divided into a few categories, viz.

  •         Leaderboard
  •         Half page
  •         Medium Rectangle
  •         Large rectangle
  •         Wide skyscraper

Also, as your ads will be displayed online, you should stick to Google’s rules to make your banner ad effective.

Structure The Elements Of Your Ad:

To make the most out of your ad, make sure you structure it like ad company, Printivity does in their online banner ads. Your banner ad should have elements like:

  •         Your company’s logo or name along with the header and description
  •         The value proposition
  •         The visual image of your service
  •         Call to action button

Once you are done, make sure to:

Research: If you are going to design a logo, make sure to check:

  •         Your business background and the product  you are designing
  •         The industry trends
  •         Brand’ s competition
  •         Identity of the brand
  •         Banner ad end up
  •         Your targeted audience

Plan: After putting your ideas in a frame, plan things. Consider the designing process, make a list of the things you need to do, check how everything should look like, what you want from the banner ad and then create your elements. As there will be very little time with the user to comprehend your banner ad and to take action, set some priorities so that they know where to look first.  Doing this will not only make your ad effective but will also help you generate more leads.

Keep it simple: Since the internet is flooded with ads and promotions, don’t miss any chance of being unnoticed. When it comes to creating an effective banner ad, keep in mind doing less. Keep text minimum, design less catchy, simple interface and more. Don’t stuff design with GIFs, images, and other elements. Focus on creating elements that are simple yet effective.

Make Effective Use Of Buttons:

Call to action buttons or Click-through Rate can help you get more leads, however, designers often neglect their placement and end up making things messy. So, place them smartly; use bold hues and vibrant textures keep them.

You can also pick a contrasting color theme to ensure your buttons are highlighted effectively. You can also use different phrases like ‘Watch now,’ ‘Get Started,’ ‘Join up,’ Sign up for free’ and more.

Use Colors Smartly:

Picking the right combination of colors is crucial for designing an effective banner ad. since each color represents a specific emotion, pick the color combination depending on your brand, targeted audience and the type of advertisement.

Also, ensure that the theme should relate to the services you are offering. For instance, the green color would go perfectly with natural products and purple is good for the high-end item.

Don’t Forget To Appropriate File Formats:

PNG, JPG, HTML5 are some common formats that will work perfectly with the deliverables. Since you will be creating a design in Adobe or Photoshop, the file format will be JPG, PNG GIF and more.

So, that was some of the most common design tips for creating an effective banner ad. Keep them in mind to create a catchy, clickable and effective banner ad.  

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