Why the Online Green Card Lottery Can Reduce Entry Chance to the USA

Wanting entry to the United States of America is a widely popular desire. After all, ‘it’s the land of opportunity’ and home to ‘the American Dream’, so wanting to witness all the magic for yourself is entirely understandable.

Still, it’s no secret that the discussion around American immigration is currently a hotbed of controversy, and there’s every reason to believe it’s tougher to gain entry now more than ever. But what if your existing efforts to get in could actually be setting you back, rather than taking you one step closer to crossing their boarder?

Consequently, here’s why the online green card lottery can reduce your chance of entry into the USA.

Where You’re From

The green card lottery, formally known as the Diversity Immigrant Visa, makes an approximate 50,000 immigrant visas available to people who have a chance at winning permanent US residency. However, it’s aims are to diversify the immigrant population of the US, meaning winners can only be from countries with low immigration numbers to the country.

If you’re from somewhere like the UK, Canada, Philippines or Mexico, you’re ineligible to be considered for entry in this capacity. This is because the US already takes in many immigrants from these places, but they do make exceptions if you’re married to someone from an ineligible country or you were born when your parents were in an eligible country. Otherwise, to try and cheat the system will be a fruitless effort if you’re from somewhere not listed, so if you’re enrolled on some kind of workaround or cheat scheme, forget it; you’re not getting in through the green card lottery!

Good Luck, Bad Luck

The online green card lottery is based around luck, and even then, your hopes can be dashed from you. After all, in 2011 numerous glitches occurred with the green card lottery system, leaving roughly 22,000 people rejected after they’d thought to have won their chance at residency. While mistakes are likely few and far between, these kinds of errors do happen, which means it’s not exactly a sure-fire plan from the outset.

Put simply, there’re far more robust ways to get into the US. You could explore other possibilities from companies like Withersworldwide instead; their immigration lawyers will work tirelessly to get you over the finish line via legitimate means. Ultimately, lotteries essentially come down to luck in the first place, so removing that game of chance from the equation is advisable!

You’re Already There Illegally

Green card lotteries are not designed to grant you amnesty if you’re illegally in the US already. This is because you’re already breaching immigration laws, and thereby proving yourself to be of poor character. Obviously, this won’t give you any credit or favour with the authorities there.

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