Why Get OEM Kawasaki Parts vs. Aftermarket?

When buying parts for your bike, you’ve probably encountered the same dilemma that hundreds of thousands of other motorcycle owners have: aftermarket or OEM? While there are certainly benefits to buying aftermarket models of the parts you need (price, namely), experience shows that OEM is the way to go on nearly every occasion. The price tends to be a little higher, but in the end you’re simply getting a bigger bang for your buck.

Nothing but Greatness

When you shop aftermarket deals, you have to deal with sorting through parts to ensure you’re getting quality in exchange for your cash. When you choose to buy on-brand parts such as Kawasaki OEM fairings, however, you can rest assure you’re getting a top-quality product every time. Buying on-brand takes the guesswork out of your shopping experience.

Designed for Safety

OEM parts are held to the highest standards out there in terms of safety. The same cannot be said for some aftermarket products. Aftermarket parts, even when created for a specific make or model, don’t always align correctly, leading to a number of potential issues:

  • A poor, unsecure fit
  • Increased drag
  • Incorrect crumple zones

OEM parts, on the other hand, offer an exact fit every time, taking the guesswork out of their safety.

Warranties Made Easy

When you buy OEM, you don’t have to sit around hoping the seller will cover the parts in the event of a malfunction. The manufacturers themselves often offer extended warranties on the parts they sell, leaving you with the confidence you need to use them to the fullest. Additionally, most warranties will also cover the labor costs or a replacement if you happen to go to a certified dealer to get the work done.

For these and many other reasons, OEM ATV parts are the superior choice when shopping to upgrade your ride. Visit your preferred local parts seller to check out the other unbeatable benefits these original manufacturer parts have to offer and purchase some of your own.

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