Protect Businesses with Android Spy App

Business protection and productivity is the ultimate dream of every business employer. However, unfortunately, these two factors are one of the huge problems of every second business organizations these days. Technology where has done a magnificent role to enhance business enterprises it has also made human machines lazy and sometimes quite vulnerable for the growth of the businesses. Today, every business organization has to deal with the privacy and protection issues especially form the ones working as employees in the organizations.

Employees these days are equipped with cell phones, gadgets typically run with Android OS. Every company has its confidentiality and documentation that needs to be protected from UN –authorized entities or personalities. On the other hand, employers have to have kept a hidden eye on their employee’s activities in terms of productivity. Therefore, employers, these days are looking forward to making the check on the company’s owned android devices. Let’s take a look at the following is it really possible?

How Employers can protect business?

Obviously, if your employers are working on android cell phones and gadgets then you need to have an android spy app that empowers you to track and each and every single activity of your employees within no time. Therefore, you need to do a couple of things mentioned below.

Step1: subscribe for android monitoring app

The very first and foremost step that you need to take is to get physical access on the target Android mobile phone or tablet of your employees. Once you have it then you need to get started with the installation process. But remember all it is possible when you have the subscription and you already have received email alongside the passcode and ID. Once you have ended up with the process of installation then you need to activate TheOneSpy cell phone monitoring app for Android on the target device. However, while you are the activation process, you will see a suddenly appears pop –up message. It will assist you in how you can make hidden spy software for android to monitor your employees for the protection of your business. Moreover, you just need to activate on the target Android gadgets and phones and then lurk towards the final step.

Step2: Get access to the web portal

Now you just need to use passcode and ID and then you need to get access to the online control panel. Once you have the access you are free to have access to all the tools that empower you to protect your business to the fullest and to make a check on your employee activities to the fullest. Let’s take a look at the powerful features below powered by phone spy app for android.

Live screen recording

The end user can perform live screen recording on the company’s owned cell phones and gadgets in real time. You can remotely make short videos of the screen of the screen back to back and further view the recorded videos having access to the android spyware control panel. However, you can do screen recording likewise chrome screen recording; IM’s social media screen recording, YouTube screen, and email Screen recording.

GPS location tracking

Employers even can track the GPS location of the employees when needed with the use of GPS tracker app that updates you about the pinpoint location of your employees working for the company outside the premises. However, a user can track location history and you can further make safe and restricted areas.


An end user can remotely get control over the target device MIC and record and listen to the surround sounds by using MIC Bug app. Moreover, the user can get access to recorded stuff getting access to the web portal. However, employers can remotely get to know about their employee’s activities remotely.

Camera Bug & spyvidcam Bug

You can remotely get control over the front and back camera of the target android device of your employees and can record short videos of the surround to know what they really do in your absence in your office. Moreover, you can capture photos using camera bug app.

Call recording

The end user can record incoming and outgoing call in real –time and further save the data over the internet

IM’s Social Media

The end user can monitor social media apps logs of employees on company’s owned devices and get to know if they are just wasting time over the instant messaging and even can get to know if they get involved in something fishy.

Data Back up

You can create a backup for the company’s owned data stored on the android gadgets and even you can retrieve the data if something happens such as cyber-attack or anyone of your employee has tried to temper the data.


You can protect your business and you can make a check on your employees within the working hours using android monitoring app.


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