Which Is The Best ReddCoin Wallet in 2019?

Most crypto coins have a real-world use case and so does ReddCoin. What makes it so unique is that it was created to improve how social media users transfer money and make payments via social media channels. Built to work on all social media platforms, ReddCoin or RDD is a godsend for businesses that operate over social media allowing them to receive funds using any channel they desire.

Known as a social coin, ReddCoin can be used to tip businesses, offer gift cards and allow users to send money to accounts to appreciate the content quality. The idea of sending money for high-quality content already exists with fiat currency on platforms such as Patreon and YouTube membership for channels.

ReddCoin is definitely an interesting question. So, that begs the question – Which is the best ReddCoin wallet for you?

Let’s compare the popular wallets and figure it out.

  1. For new users – ReddCoin Core Wallet

This wallet downloads and stores the ReddCoin blockchain and is hence considered a full wallet. If you are new to ReddCoin, this is the wallet for you. It has a nice GUI and allows you to send and receive ReddCoins easily. The frequent transactions’ addresses are saved making it easier for you to transfer money.

  1. For social media users – ReddCoin Social Wallet

This wallet takes the ReddCoin Core wallet to the next wallet by integrating social features like Reddit and Twitter feeds. The dashboard tells you the balance and also the best cryptocurrency exchange rates. You can see what RDD BTC exchange will cost and see the value of ReddCoin in USD. This wallet also allows you to import and export the private keys.

  1. For Android users – ReddCoin Mobile Wallet

ReddCoin Mobile Wallet requires no registration to sign up. The transfer of ReddCoin is done through QR codes and NFC tags or ReddCoin URLs. The mobile wallet app automatically selects the right fee for you. Amounts smaller than 1 RDD require additional fees which is an attempt to fight off spam. If you are an Android user, then this is the best ReddCoin wallet for you.

  1. For Desktop Users – ReddCoin Electrum Wallet

This wallet is available on Linux, Windows and Mac OS X. If you are used to making transactions using your desktop, then this Electrum wallet will serve the purpose. They have added benefits over full-chain wallets which makes the Electrum wallet a desirable choice.

  1. For extreme security – ReddCoin Paper Wallet

Paper wallets are more secure than hot wallets. This wallet involves printing and storing the private keys, public keys which is the address of the wallet offline.

There are different ReddCoin wallets to choose from depending on what you need the most. If it is security that you are after, the paper wallet is the way to go. For beginners, the Core wallet makes the most sense and if you have an Android smartphone, go for the Electrum wallet.

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