What Is AlphaPrep?

AlphaPrep is a test preparation app that offers a variety of courses and materials for network certification exams. Most of these are related to network devices and security, such as CCNA Routing exams or the CompTIA Security+ exam. These are some of the most important exams for aspiring IT professionals and a chance for them to prove their knowledge and problem-solving capabilities. Exams typically have multiple choice and performance-based questions, so deep knowledge of the systems involved is required to pass.

Technical certification exams can be nerve-wracking for many people, but AlphaPrep offers the best chance to pass your exam on the first attempt. The unique machine learning app continuously tracks your knowledge level and advancement through materials so you are always appropriately challenged and can learn at your own best pace. Whether you’ve been preparing for your exam for years or you’re relatively new to the subject matter, AlphaPrep is confident their app will lead you to pass your exam on the first attempt. The following are just some of the biggest advantages of AlphaPrep.

Advanced courses

No matter what certification you need, AlphaPrep offers detailed courses filled with preparation materials, practice tests, and step-by-step performance reviews so you can track how well prepared you are for your exam. Course selections range from the previously mentioned CCNA and Security+ to A+, Network+, CCNP Switch, TetraNoodles, and more.

Each course contains in-depth videos on all relevant subject matter as well as thousands of exam questions directly from Cisco and Pearson. When you take an ICND1 practice test with AlphaPrep, you’re seeing real exam questions that have been used in the past. Many courses also offer e-books of official certification guides published by the relevant testing organizations. Each course has multiple versions for purchase so you can get exactly what you need based on your level of knowledge. As an added bonus, student discounts always apply.

Expert bootcamps

If you want to go beyond what AlphaPrep’s courses offer or you just need a more personal approach, bootcamps are a great solution. These are essentially more advanced courses with the added benefit of a live instructor. Each bootcamp comes with 8 hours of live classroom training, and if extra help is needed, you can schedule one-on-one sessions with a certified expert.

You’ll also receive a full lab course in the app that will guide you from the most basic concepts to the most advanced material you may see on your test. Each instructor has many years in the IT field and in teaching technical concepts, so you can be confident you’ll be receiving excellent help from teachers who are passionate about your success.

Intelligent performance evaluation

Alphaprep’s unique machine learning exam engine will assess your abilities at the beginning of each course to ensure that you’re always receiving appropriate material. This way, there are no worries that your time could be wasted with trivial questions or that you could be overwhelmed by information you aren’t ready for yet. Throughout your course journey, you will be able to “level up” based on your performance on practice tests. This process continues until the app is confident that you’re ready for your exam.

Trial and guarantee

Perhaps best of all, AlphaPrep allows users to experience a trial version of each of their courses, including the study bundles (e-books, complete video course, etc.). This is coupled with their ultimate pass guarantee which states that they will cover half the cost of your exam if you don’t pass on your first try. With virtually no risk to using AlphaPrep’s app, you can take a significant step toward passing your exam today.

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