What Happens When a Kid Leaves Traditional Education?

There are many choices in education and parents strive to give their kids the best education. The most popular form of the classroom is traditional education which many people are familiar with. This type of education is teacher-centered and students receive information.

Traditional education in the UAE, and all over the world, emphasizes the proficiency of academic learning in certain subjects like math and science. Public schools have similar education models while private schools can have a more flexible approach to education. Traditional schools in developed countries offer quality education just like private schools. They also have special programs like counseling, games, and even special education.

Understanding Home Schooling

Most parents today are shifting to homeschooling their kids rather than embracing traditional education. Homeschooling is the process of educating your kids at home rather than sending them to private or public schools.

Parents might choose to homeschool their children because of different reasons, for instance, different educational and religious philosophies, dissatisfaction with the options available, and the belief that traditional education is not benefiting their kids. You can begin homeschooling your children as soon as they reach school-going age.

Benefits of Home Schooling

There are many advantages associated with homeschooling that make it popular and attractive to both parents and their children. Some of the reasons people choose to home school their kids include;

One-On-One Teaching and Learning

Did you know that the ratio of the number of students to the ratio of the teacher determines how well the students learn? The teacher helps the students individually and ensures that each of them understands the contents of the lessons. Homeschooling is more effective because the ratio is one to one.

If you want your kid to enroll in a university in Dubai or anywhere else in the world, you have to provide an effective educational structure. With the balanced teacher-student ratio, less time is wasted when explaining concepts. You can also use different approaches and learning styles to deliver educational materials.

Freedom to Choose Resources

One of the reasons why homeschooling is popular compared to traditional education is that in homeschooling you can choose your own resources and curriculum. You can help your child learn from different viewpoints as well as learn various subjects.

Homeschooling also allows you to help the child learn based on his ability and what he is ready for rather than going with the flow of belonging to a random grade. Your kid might be good at math but falling behind in reading. Homeschooling teaches the child according to the level she is at and caters to her needs.

Custom Made

Unlike traditional education where the system accommodates students without considering their needs, homeschooling allows you to tailor education for any kid. You can customize education for kids with special needs, those with ADD/ADHD, gifted kids, and kids who are behind.

If you have a kid with special needs, the traditional education system might be unfair to him. There might be few resources if any and no teachers and facilities to help the kid learn effectively. Homeschooling helps you to customize lessons and activities that accommodate the kid’s learning style and preferences.

Emotional Freedom

Kids who are homeschooled develop a sense of independence and autonomy. These kids can make important choices about what and how they want to learn. They are free to learn without the need to get validation from the teacher or because they are in a certain grade.

Many kids want to go to a university in Dubai or any other reputable institutions of higher learning; however, they might be facing problems in school. Sometimes, kids develop mental health issues because of the toxic school environment. Homeschooling shields kids from negative situations like school-induced stress and bullies. This helps to improve self-image and acceptance.

Social Skills

Although most people believed that homeschooled kids don’t learn any social skills because they don’t go to traditional schools where there are many students; this is not the case. Homeschooled kids have plenty of opportunities to interact and do fun stuff with other kids. Homeschooled kids have more time to do extracurricular activities like swimming, racing, and gymnastics. This is where they meet and make friends.

No Boredom

Since homeschooling is tailor-made to specifically suit an individual, kids don’t get bored because they learn at their own pace and it caters to their needs. Also, kids are not left behind or have to learn what they already know while the teacher is helping other students to catch up.

Traditional education is the oldest and most popular method of education. Although it has its advantages, it also has several disadvantages. Most parents are now switching to homeschooling their kids because it is a cheaper and more effective method. Not only do the kids learn at their own pace, but they also learn based on their needs.

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