Turn Shatter to e Juice: Different Ways to Consume the Weed Concentrate

The process when you transform ruin to e juice is getting much more popular these days. People like it when they take in cannabis with vape pens or mobile vaporizers since they can take it anywhere, and utilize it anytime.

Vaping is far better than smoking marijuana since you do not breathe in the carcinogens that are found when you smoke. Without a doubt, you are already utilizing e-liquid and also intend to attempt transforming cannabis concentrate like shatter right into vape juice.

Prior to we undergo the technique, let’s first figure out what smash is:

What is Shatter?

Pot smokers who want to experience a larger hit have actually relied on shatter. Shatter is a cannabis concentrate which contains 80 to 90 percent cannabinoid material that makes it so potent.

Shatter is called additionally as dabs, the term utilized for cannabis focuses that are created when THC and CBD have actually been removed. The process of removal involves using a solvent like butane, propane or co2 to pull out cannabinoids as well as gathering the materials left.

Shatter looks like a glass-like sheet that has actually set like a candy. It is called shatter due to the fact that it shatters like glass when dropped. It costs around $60 to $70 per gram on the streets.

Of all the cannabis focuses, it is the purest and most potent due to the additional process of filtering to get rid of waxes as well as fats. This is the reason that it is loaded with cannabinoids. Regular weeds consist of just 5 to 18 percent cannabinoid.

Just How to Consume Shatter?

There are different ways to eat cannabis concentrate. You can dab or vape it. Allow’s undergo each method of using it:


You can smoke ruin with the use of a bong called a rig. This device prices around $100 to $200.

This device has a “nail” where a bowl is connected. You need to heat up the nail at about 575-625 levels Fahrenheit making use of a butane torch.

Utilize a steel dabber to position a ball of shatter right into the nail. When heated, the shatter starts to vaporize. Customers can begin smoking it.


Pre-filled Vape Pen

Vaping or the use of mobile vaporizers is one of the most practical and one of the most discreet methods of consuming cannabis concentrate. A pre-filled cartridge connected to the battery is one approach of vaping.

The vape pen is a mix of the battery and also cartridge. The cartridge has a heating element as well as a battery that heats the concentrate.

The pre-filled cartridge is non-reusable and ought to be discarded after the concentrate runs out. The battery in the vape pen can be reused.

Portable Vape Pen/ Vaporizers

You can eat e liquids in portable vape pens or vaporizers inconspicuously. You just simply fill up the chamber with the shattered oil and also connect it to the battery.

The burner or coil in the chamber transforms the concentrate into vapor when the individual pressed the button. This tool is really practical to make use of and also take in the e-juice instantly without added devices.

When getting a vape pen, make certain that you are purchasing especially for this kind of concentrate. Nowadays, you can purchase vapes with interchangeable chambers that can be used in various concentrates.

Before vaping, see to it that the vape pen is completely charged. It makes sure that you’ll have an excellent vaping experience.

When the vape juice comes to be also thick, you can include diluent right into it. If the concentrate is as well thick, your vape pen works extra that can reduce the life of your battery.


You can smoke shatter to e juice by rolling it in a joint. Include some natural herbs with the shatter to give a stronger hit.

Where to Buy Shatter?

You can currently get shatter online. However, make sure that your state enables its shipment since some states still outlaw using cannabis.

How to Transform Shatter to e-Liquid?


  • Shot glass
  • 0.50 grams Shatter
  • Stirrer
  • Microwave
  • Diluent (Wax Liquidizer).
  • Syringe.


  • The area concentrates on the shot glass.
  • Include diluent as well as make sure to use the ideal proportion.
  • Location the combination in the microwave for about 10 seconds. (Do not get too hot as it can wear away the THC stamina).
  • Stir the blend to make sure that all parts are dissolved.
  • Make use of a syringe to get the instilled oil and also transfer it in an oil chamber of the vape pen.
  • If you have to remain, put it in a dark-colored silicone. Place it in an awesome, dark place.

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