Things You Can Buy With Bitcoin and Other Cryptocurrencies

Digital currencies like metal cryptocurrency are the rising stars of the financial world in the past decade.

Aside from the biggest market players Bitcoin and Etherium, there are other virtual currencies showing strong performances in the past months. Other categories growing in popularity are those of stablecoins and gold-backed cryptocurrency, such as Kinesis.

Just like the traditional paper money circulated among the economies, these decentralized cryptocurrencies can now buy almost anything.

Let’s explore some of the goods we can purchase using our coin wallet:

Food and beverage

Who would have thought that digital gold can buy us some lunch?

A number of fast food restaurants and coffee shops have started accepting crypto coins as payment. It’s now becoming the norm in European nations such as Denmark, as they have over 1,500 restaurants that have adopted this form of payment. You can also enjoy rounds of drinks in some English pubs with your Bitcoin.


You can finally go to Las Vegas with just your coin wallet. Some popular clubs and other entertainment establishments there accept gold backed cryptocurrency and other virtual currencies as payment.

And it doesn’t end there.

You can also get your choice of plastic surgery procedures at a New York-based clinic in exchange for your digital currency.

Your hard-earned crypto coins can be used to pay for taxi rides in Argentina and Hungary, book airplane tickets on some online booking sites, and even get funeral services.

Event tickets

Great news.

Your metal cryptocurrency is now an accepted form of payment for some cultural and sports events.

On a related note, the cryptocurrency convert Dallas Mavericks owner Mark Cuban announced that they are now accepting crypto payments for the 2018-2019 NBA season.

Lottery tickets in a few US states can now be purchased using the content of your coin wallet. When would the prize money also be in cryptocurrency? Who knows, we might see that in the near future?

Luxury goods

Bitcoin’s popularity was catalyzed by its notorious role in the deep, dark part of the web in the purchase of suspicious items and services, some of which were later confirmed as illegal.

Fortunately, its reputation was redeemed eventually, along with the other digital currencies. Since then, Bitcoin has become more popular among the rich and famous as this is now the preferred payment for luxury items.

Rolex and Tesla are some of the brands accepting virtual currencies for select units.

Other fine goods that you can enjoy using your digital gold are grand pieces of furniture, gold bullion, and even real estate.

Yes, you read that right. Some mansions and small islands are being sold for these virtual currencies.

If you’re feeling generous, you may also donate some of these coins to charity.

Digital products

Since cryptocurrencies are digital in nature, it makes sense that it’s the form of payment for some digital products. Microsoft training videos, subscription to Acer laptop support, and even a staggering 10,000 Facebook likes can be purchased by some crypto coins.

There are more products, services, or even experiences you can enjoy using your virtual currency. Learn more about the crypto world in Abrition and make the best out of your cryptocurrency earnings.

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