Wearable Tech is Here to Stay, and Here is Some of the Best

You may have been weary about all those wearables that started emerging over the past few years. Questions swirled about if they were going to last or if they were just a trend. Well, the trend of smart, wearable accessories is standing the test of time, with new wearables being created and evolving at rapid pace. It’s time to jump on the bandwagon and embrace wearable technology. Here are some of the best to hop on board the wearable train.

1.Under Armour SpeedForm Gemini 3 RE Running Shoes

Under Armour, one of the most reputable sports apparel brands at the forefront of sports science technology has a pair of smart running shoes for you. The SpeedForm Gemini 3 RE running shoes are embedded with a small chip in the soles that are activated with movement. Once you start jogging, it begins to track your movement using an accelerometer. The smart shoe collects your running patterns including time, distance, pace and split times and puts this data into action by providing feedback on your strides and how you can improve. The kicks are perfect for anyone interested in making their run a more enjoyable and efficient one.

2. Samsung Gear s3

There’s a lot of solid, smart watches to choose from. If you’re looking for one that looks like a premium watch, look no further than the Samsung Gear s3. The watch face is always-on and features a rotating bezel that makes it easy to access apps and check notifications. Mobile carriers like T-Mobile support the 4G LTE-connected watch by giving users unlimited data usage plans that let them communicate, text and email all through the time piece. You’ll be able to fool anyone that it’s simply a classic timepiece when little do they know you have all the power to connect at all times right from your wrist.

3. Fitbit Charge 2

Seems these days, everyone has on a Fitbit. If you’re trying to join the party, be sure to get the best one in the bunch. The Fitbit Charge 2 features swappable bands, a five-day battery life and a multi-line OLED display that shows time and fitness data. There are so many different smart devices that track your activity, but the Fitbit seems to attract so many users because it keeps it simple and accurate. One of the best aspects exclusive to the Charge 2 is the Relax mode. It helps Fitbit owners practice breathing exercises that encourage relaxation. The timed breathing is based on your actual heart rate, so it’s the real deal.

4. TomTom Touch

The TomTom Touch fitness tracker watch is a good fit for those trying to lose weight. It features built-in body composition sensors. All you have to do is place your finger on the sensor, and the smart wristband analyses your body fat and muscle percentages. So for those whose main goal is to lose weight, this is especially helpful to check if a new workout or diet regime is helping trim in the right places.

5. Samsung Gear VR Headset

Samsung was a pioneer in wearable VR technology which is why its Gear VR headset is one of the best in the market. The technology is powered by Oculus, a leading VR tech pioneer, and it’s easily accessible to everyday phone users thanks to the easy-to-use headset. Connect the headset to a Samsung phone and immerse yourself in a genuinely engaging, augmented world of virtual reality.

The time is now to connect with the latest wearable technology. From VR headsets to smartwatches and fitness trackers, these top smart accessories are providing a connected experience like no other for consumers of all types.

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