Watches- Beyond Time and Technology

 Redundancy could never hit the market of watches! Though the technological revolution brought hi-tech gadgets like Apple’s smart watch that could do so much along with telling time, unfortunately, smart phones and many such gadgets they failed to replace the timeless wrist watches. It’s right, no matter what era, watches have always remained as a priceless accessory that men believe reflect his character and for women, gold watches and watches studded with diamonds are seen as a priceless jewel that adorns her wrist!

The Swiss watch industry is the best example to demonstrate that watches are never going to die! With the advent of technology, in 1970’s the Swiss watch industry was almost pronounced ‘dead’, but it made a huge comeback in a short period. In India too, the Swatch – a Swiss watch brand garnered name and fame through its easy affordability by Indians from all classes and sections of the society. The Swatch has beautifully designed watches, and it is considered as one of the top 10 best selling watch brands in India.

According to one of the researchers, India is a huge market for wristwatches, and more than fifty million watches are sold every year in India. Indian wristwatch brands like Titan, Fastrack, Rolex, Citizen have been successful in striking the right chord with Indian youth through their arduous craftsmanship in design and technology that keeps you ahead of time.

For men, watches are almost synonymous to their identity, as watches are the widely accepted accessories for men and watches also define their taste and preferences. For an instance, wearing a ‘New Jersey’s Polo Club Men’s Watch’ conveys that a man is either a fan of Polo or is a member of the Polo Club. It is true that more than the function of showing the correct time, watches especially luxury watches are the status symbol for many in the society. Still, today, when someone thinks of gifting an expensive item to a man, the first thing that comes to mind is the wrist watch.

wrist watch

Whether it is a social or a promotional event, party or an award function, you will always spot the Bollywood celebrity Bipasha Basu’s wrist donning a designer watch that even matches her outfit! It is said that she has a huge collection of watches and also adores to gift watches to people on various occasions. She was also the brand ambassador during the launch of the vast collection of luxury watches of Versace watches by the Timex Group, India.

Hollywood celebrities are no different! Even Tom Cruise, the heartthrob of many women loves to flaunt the Bermont model wherever he goes. Leonardo DiCaprio, who took his fans by storm by his fabulous acting in Titanic, loves to wear Tag Heuer’s brands watches.


Donning a luxury watch not only shows that you believe in luxury but it also presents your identity as a person who walks hand in hand with the world of fashion and is a kind of person who likes to walk with the contemporary time and not against it. One often wonders, how could watches survive in the cut-throat competition of technology? The simple answer to this is that wrist watches never believed to compete against those smart watches and power bands. Instead, they stuck to their ideology of promoting themselves as a kind of must accessories for men and women that help them in establishing their identity and make the first impression correct!

These days, with the advent of the online shopping portals, it has become easy to buy the watches of international brands, so technology has helped these brands to market their products on a wider platform thereby increasing their reach worldwide!

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