Useful Tips for Choosing the Best Men’s Wedding Bands

In virtually all discussions about wedding rings, it is the ones for the bride that occupy center stage. Men are usually perfectly okay with whatever is chosen for them as long as it is comfortable and practical. However, when the man is particular about his wedding band, here are some tips that are guaranteed to make the selection easier:

Consider His Personality and Lifestyle

When you know that he is extremely fashionable or conversely, very laid back, you automatically know what will look good on him and what he will prefer. Depending on his personality, you could choose a ring that is really conservative or something that’s classic but minimalist in keeping with the latest trends.

The lifestyle also plays a critical role in the decision because if he lives an active and outdoor type of a life or works manually, you will need to choose a ring that is robust and durable so that he doesn’t have to remove it every time he swings into action. Whatever you choose, it should be an extension of his personality and be so comfortable that he never notices it.

Narrow the Choices Down

There are so many types and styles of wedding ring that choosing one can be really confusing. Perhaps the best way to start is by choosing the metal; some of the most popular, apart from the usual gold, silver, platinum are new-age materials like titanium, cobalt, and tungsten. After having selected the metal, you could decide whether to go in for a ring that is wide or slim, with or without a stone, with or without engravings or added textures, etc. Making the decisions one by one will make the selection process simpler.

Should the Rings Match or Not?

Since wedding rings symbolize a couple’s commitment and love for each other, choosing matching rings can be a great idea of underlining their unity. The process of matching can take various forms; some people match metals, some match gemstones, while others match engravings or the style. If you want the rings to match really well, pick the rings from the same collection. Visit for some really beautiful wedding ring collections.

Fix a Budget

Almost nobody has an unlimited budget and you will need to make a detailed budget for each and every item for the wedding, including the wedding ring. With so much choice available at the jewelry stores, you can easily be tempted to overshoot your budget and thus need to drastically cut down on something else to avoid trouble. There is no right or wrong amount; you just need to be comfortable with what you can afford.


The selection of the wedding band tends to become easier when you shop together. After all, these rings are for keeps just like your marriage and both of you should be happy with the choice. Don’t buy from the first store you visit; take the trouble of visiting a few reputed jewelers or even online stores to get a better idea of what’s available and the ruling prices.

Author Bio: Carmen Jones reviews jewelry for a leading bridal magazine. She has consistently rated high for their innovative wedding ring designs.

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