US and China forms a group to fight against cybersecurity and climate change

Today United States of America and China announced a joint group to fight against two major issues in both countries including Cybersecurity and Climate Change.

If we’re talking about Cybersecurity, It is unclear that what will come as result of joint effort but both sides suggests that they will work hard to reduce the tension of these issues.

According to US Secretary State John kerry on Cybersecurity “affects the financial sector, banks, financial transactions and that every aspect of nations in modern times are affected by the use of cyber networking and obviously [every nation] has an interest in protecting its people, protecting its rights, protecting its infrastructure.”

On the other hand, there is a stat on Climate Change as well, “In order to achieve this goal of elevating the climate change challenge as a higher priority, the two countries will initiate a Climate Change Working Group in anticipation of the 2013 Strategic and Economic Dialogue (S&ED). In keeping with the vision shared by the leaders of the two countries, the Working Group will begin immediately to determine and finalize ways in which they can advance cooperation on technology, research, conservation, and alternative and renewable energy.”

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