Upcoming Graphic Design Trends That Will Boost Your Online Presence

Since 81% of people will only skim and not read the content they come across online, more and more businesses have been leveraging the power of visual content marketing to boost brand awareness and engagement. Infographics, images, memes and other forms of visual content allow readers to process chunks of information in a short amount of time, taking in more information than they would if they had to read consecutive blocks of text. So, if you want to boost your brand’s online presence, it’s time to add on-trend visual content to your digital marketing strategy. Here are some upcoming graphic design trends that you might want to incorporate.

Bright Colors And Bold Typography

Visuals with bright colors and bold typography are expected to become a huge trend in 2020. Just like Instagram can with their current logo, you will be able to attract the attention of readers with vivid and strong-contrasted colors, complex gradients, and an elegant serif font. Based on color psychology, your choice of colors can become integral to your brand’s identity, so make sure to choose a design scheme that fits in with your mission and vision. If you’re a small business without a dedicated graphics team, clashgraphics.com recommend employing a professional printing company, who can help you with creating on-trend visual content for your website. You can collaborate with the design company so that you’re able to come up with professional-looking visuals that are still authentic to your brand and message.

A Simple And Minimalist Design

Simple and minimalist visual content is another upcoming graphic design trend that you can incorporate to boost your brand’s presence online. The average human attention span is 8 seconds, so you have only that short amount of time to attract your readers. For this reason, it’s important not to have images with complex designs, or visuals that are overloaded with information because that can overwhelm your reader and make them leave your website. Even with simple and minimalist design aesthetics, you can still use geometric patterns and contrasting colors to make your visuals stand out.

With so much content available online – and with each one constantly vying for the readers’ attention – it’s important to employ effective strategies that will help your brand stand out. One way to do this is to incorporate visual content into your digital marketing strategy. By creating visuals that are compelling and in line with upcoming graphic design trends, your brand has a much better chance of standing out in a crowded content landscape. Visual content will not only increase brand awareness and engagement, but it can also help bring you closer to your business targets.

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