A Unique Car Finance Program – ZAP

Car buying is a big decision, fraught with many permutations and combinations as you try to negotiate the looming EMIs and fit them into your regular monthly budget. These payments are often the reason we delay buying a car, or they can also make us compromise our usual lifestyle. The car model you want may be out of reach because of the long-term expenditures, but it does not mean that you should let go of this dream.

Catering to the needs of the hardworking and aspiring Indian, Zoomcar’s associate program or ZAP offers people a chance to buy a new car and also earn some extra income. In a world of rising costs, the shared economy way is the most prudent choice. As a ZAPster, you can list your new car on the Zoomcar platform when you are not using it and earn up to 20,000 rupees a month. With this innovative car finance program, you do not have to sweat extra to handle your EMIs, effectively spending much less on a new car, than a traditional ownership scenario would have allowed.

Sign up for ZAP and become part of Zoomcar’s success story, all the while having total control over your precious new car. You can even tap into Zoomcar’s network with car manufacturers and get a new ride at especially considered prices. Reach out to a large network of loan providers and get yourself the wight scheme. With such an encouraging set-up, Zoomcar is the best way to buy that top-model dream you have with all the latest features.

There are a few prerequisites for becoming a ZAPster. The car needs to be registered commercially with Zoomcar. This is a compliance requirement that also ensures that you have no liabilities when the car is listed on the platform. Cadabra is a cutting-edge car monitoring software product which gives you alerts regarding the different facets of your car on your phone. With such a smart preventive maintenance tool, you can save a lot more money. You can list your car whenever you want via the app – whether you are staying in for the weekend or have some time away from the car during the week. You can also track it at all times via GPS.

Owning a car need not be a huge financial commitment when you can share the load and reap the rewards with Zoomcar. Be a ZAPster, enjoy the privileges of car ownership and control your finances too.

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