Understand Emotional Health during Pregnancy and Delivery

I am pregnant – is the sweetest statement any husband would love to hear from his wife. They as a couple, step into the next level at this point. They share this happy news with everyone around them and start visiting the doc frequently. As months roll, the women start to see changes in her body.

Some of them are:

1. The Bump
2. Body Weight
3. Mood Swings
4. Changing taste buds
5. Physical restrictions
6. Periods

These changes are very common and happen to everyone while they undergo pregnancy. Husbands take utmost care of their wives in terms of reducing their physical work, food and health check-ups. But little they understand or know about their emotional health or mood swings. Someone who talks very close to their wife will know about her mood swings. But there is much more than mood swings. My recent discussion with a Gynecologist in Pune educated me on these.

During pregnancy, women who are very conscious about their physical appearance or the ones whose job or career is to come in front of a camera, are very afraid. This fear progresses as her physique changes. Hence a pre-pregnancy counseling is very important in order to educate a woman on the
changes a pregnant body will bring in. It is also important to educate her on the post-delivery health of her body. The next common thing is not able to work. The bump and the tiredness will put a stop to a lot of things which they were previously doing. You cannot be working day and night without looking after your health. You will need more support than you ever wanted in your life. There are properly medical reasons which explain these phenomena. So losing career or not able to perform like before is possibly the most common fear around working women. Again a counseling to a nearby gynecologist should be helpful.

Next is something we think is simple but it is not. A pregnant woman needs a lot of love and pampering. Most of us a husband fail at this. We take her and leave at her parents’ house as they can be with her 24*7 and they even know her well. Not completely correct. Maybe she wants you too along with her family and relatives surrounding her. So, guys, a lot of pampering to our lady love in her special days is very important.

During one of my visit to a maternity hospital in Pune, I happened to witness a couple who was in deep thoughts and worried. I was curious to know the reason so went near and enquired. He said, he is getting a transfer and it is a nearby city which is far off from his in-laws. So he wanted to leave his wife there but she doesn’t want to go. Yes, this is the perfect evidence that she longs for your love and care. Entering parenthood is like a dream come true for everyone. There could be some trade-offs in life. Accept them happily and move forward in life.

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