Best 8 Food To Get In Shape


“Unhealthy diet contributes to approximately 678,000 deaths each year in the U.S., due to nutrition- and obesity-related diseases, such as heart disease, cancer, and type 2 diabetes.” In today’s fast-paced lifestyle, fast food has eaten its way through our daily lives.

Swiggy delivers delicious and healthy food to your doorsteps. Check out the Swiggy deals of the month. There is a saying that “The food that you eat can either be the safest and most powerful form of medicine or the slowest form of poison.” With this in mind let us discover some food items which come in the former category.

#1 Salmon

About Salmon

Salmon is one of the favorites among the fish lovers and the benefits of consuming it make it popular amongst the others as well. Salmon are incredible fish sometimes traveling thousands of miles throughout their life cycle and within two to five years returning to the very location where they were born to spawn and die.

Benefits of Consuming Salmon

Salmon not only contains lots of protein which is essential for muscle building, it contains omega-3 fatty acids which are great for reducing muscle inflammation and reducing the risk of Heart Attacks and keeps you disease free.

Does it help in weight-loss?

You can enjoy a 3-ounce serving of Coho or sockeye salmon for only 118 and 144 calories, respectively. Protein can help you lose weight because it makes you feel full longer. The fish oil you’ll get from eating salmon may boost your weight loss.

Best way to consume Salmon

Salmon Salad Tartine and Mixed Greens: You need to mix salmon, yogurt, scallion, dill and capers in a small bowl. Spread on bread. Toss greens with oil and vinegar and serve on the side.  

 Nutrients content & Risks involved in case of over-consumption

A typical serving of Salmon is around 3 ounces. It contains 293 calories; 10 g fat (2 g sat); 4 g fiber; 17 g carbohydrates; 34 g protein; 125 mcg folate; 84 mg cholesterol; 4 g sugars; 16 mg vitamin C; 209 mg calcium; 3 mg iron; 571 mg sodium; 761 mg potassium.

All wild fish contain some amount of mercury. The Salmon contains way less than the others but overconsumption might be bad for your health. 

#2 Avocados

About Avocados

Avocados are commercially valuable and are cultivated in tropical and Mediterranean climates throughout the world. They have a green-skinned, fleshy body that may be pear-shaped, egg-shaped, or spherical.

Benefits of Consuming Avocados

Avocados do not contain any cholesterol or sodium and are low in saturated fat. This is one of the reasons they are favored by many “old school” experts who still believe these things are inherently harmful.

Does it help in weight-loss?

Avocados are also high in fiber, and very low in carbs, two attributes that should also help promote weight loss. According to studies conducted it was discovered that the test group that was served with Avocados felt 23% more satisfied and had nearly 28% less desire to eat of the next 5 hours.

Best way to consume

The simplest way to consume Avocados is to sprinkle them with salt and pepper or you can add paprika, cayenne pepper, balsamic vinegar or lemon juice.

To make your breakfast even healthier, you can add diced Avocados to your scrambled eggs while they are partially cooked.

Nutrients content & Risks involved in case of over consumption

One serving (one-fifth of an avocado, approximately 40 grams) contains: almost 6 grams of fat, 3.4 grams of carbohydrate, less than a gram of sugar, and almost 3 grams of fiber.

Consuming too many avocados may lead to weight gain because of the fat content, even though it is an unsaturated fat. It can also lead to nutritional deficiencies since fat is digested slower and leaves you feeling fuller longer than other nutrients.

#3 Greek Yogurt

About Greek Yogurt

Greek yogurt, is yogurt that has been strained to remove most of its whey, resulting in a thicker consistency than unstrained yogurt, while preserving yogurt’s distinctive sour taste.

Benefits of Consuming Greek Yogurt

Greek yogurt is a great way to boost your protein levels while avoiding heavy foods like meats. Greek yogurt is packed with probiotics which are helpful in improving digestion.

Does it help in weight-loss?

A 2005 study published in the International Journal of Obesity investigated the effects of a calorie-reduced diet with and without yogurt on weight loss in a group of obese people. The researchers found that the yogurt-eating group lost more weight than the non-yogurt eating group.

Best way to consume Greek Yogurt

One of the best way to consume Greek yogurt is Greek Yogurt Cheesecake with Pomegranate Syrup. It is tasty as well as nutritious.  

Nutrients content & Risks involved in case of over-consumption

A 1-cup serving of plain full-fat Greek yogurt from the manufacturer Fage contains 310 calories; 210 come from 23 g of total fat, of which 18 g is saturated fat.

In case of over-consumption, the high amount of calcium from yogurt can make you prone to kidney stones or prostate cancer. Eating too much yogurt may also reduce the absorption of iron and zinc, which may result in calcium build up in your blood vessels.

#4 Sweet Potatoes

The sweet potato is a dicotyledonous plant that belongs to the bindweed or morning glory family, Convolvuli. Its large, starchy, sweet-tasting, tuberous roots are a root vegetable.

Benefits of Consuming Sweet Potatoes

Sweet potatoes are a rich source of fiber as well as containing a good array of vitamins and minerals including iron, calcium, selenium, and they’re a good source of most of our B vitamins and vitamin C.

Does it help with weight-loss?

Sweet potatoes have a relatively low-calorie content, which is also very important if you are trying to lose weight. The high amount of water that is found in sweet potatoes can definitely help you lose weight, both in the long term and in the short term.

Best way to consume Sweet Potatoes

You can try eating sweet potato chips. You can even add them to your favorite sandwich or wrap instead of tomatoes.

Nutrients content & Risks involved in case of over-consumption

A medium baked sweet potato (114 grams) has 24 grams of carbohydrates, 41 milligrams of Sodium and are a good source of fibers and vitamins A,B-6 and C.

Overconsumption of Sweet Potatoes might result in weight gain if the carbohydrate content isn’t utilised properly. The sodium content can increase blood pressure and result in heart diseases or stroke.

#5 Eggs

About Eggs

Eggs are probably one of the most commonly consumed item in this list. They are packed with proteins, vitamins and essential fatty acids. Their chemical makeup makes them an ideal ingredient in baking.

Benefits of Consuming Eggs

Eggs are rich in several nutrients that promote heart health such as betaine and choline. In traditional Chinese medicine, eggs are recommended to strengthen the blood and increase energy by enhancing digestive and kidney function.

Does it help in weight-loss?

Studies suggest that consuming eggs makes you feel fuller for a long time. This means you won’t need to each much for hours. Based on a research one can lose up to 1 Kg in a month by consuming only eggs for breakfast.

Best way to consume eggs.

If the old, famous way of boiling eggs and sprinkling some salt and pepper is not your thing then you can consume poached eggs with tomato sauce for breakfast. Shirred eggs are also a popular way of consuming eggs.

Nutrients content & Risks involved in case of over-consumption

The Egg white contains lots of proteins and Vitamin B6, B12, D, as well minerals like Zinc, Iron and Copper. The yolk contains fat-soluble vitamins such as A, D, E and K.

Eggs are full of saturated fats and cholesterol which are known for causing heart diseases. Too much consumption of egg yolk will increase your risk of contracting heart diseases in the future.

#6 Soy

About Soy

Glycine max, commonly known as soybean in North America or soya bean, is a species of legume native to East Asia, widely grown for its edible bean which has numerous uses.

Benefits of Consuming Soy

Soy is linked to healthier cholesterol levels, which can help lower risk for heart disease. Soy helps in increasing HDL i.e. good cholesterol and remove LDL i.e. bad cholesterol.

Does it help in weight-loss?

Soy is considered to have a low glycaemic index which means it leads to fewer hunger cravings which is an essential step in reducing weight by lowering the consumption of calories.

Best way to consume soy

Some of the best ways to consume soy are: eating cooked soybeans edamame, tofu, tempeh, and soy nuts. You can also consume Soy milk as well.

Nutrients content & Risks involved in case of over-consumption

100 grams of boiled soybeans have following contents: calories 173; Protein 16.6 gm, carbs 9.9gm; Sugar 3 gm, Fat 9 gm and lots of other vital nutrients.

There is some concern that soy intake may affect a person’s thyroid function.

#7 Whole wheat bread

About Whole wheat bread

Whole wheat bread or wholemeal bread is a type of bread made using flour that is partly or entirely milled from whole or almost-whole wheat grains, see whole-wheat flour and whole grain. It is one kind of brown bread.

Benefits of Consuming Whole wheat bread

The whole wheat bread is packed with fibers which reduce coronary heart diseases, ensure proper bowel movement and thus reduce constipation. They are a good source of iron and magnesium as well.

Does it help with weight-loss?

Whole wheat bread is full of fiber and contains very little fat. This helps in reducing weight by consuming bread for breakfast instead of heavy snacks like pooris and parathas which are full of oils and fats.

Best way to consume Whole wheat bread

You can try Irish Soda bread with raisins or Orange-Date Pumpkin Bread. If you want something special you can try Whole-Wheat Beet Fougasse a French bread made to look like grains of wheat.

Nutrients content & Risks involved in case of over-consumption

About 100 gm of bread contains 247 cals, 3.4 g of fats, 0 mg cholesterol, 400 mg sodium, 248 mg of potassium and 13 g of proteins.

Wheat contains the protein called Gluten which is responsible for causing Celiac disease also known as Gluten intolerance. The presence of phytic acid reduces the number of minerals like iron, zinc, calcium, etc. as they bind with these and cause a mineral deficiency.

#8 Broccoli

About Broccoli

Broccoli is an edible green plant in the cabbage family whose large flowering head is eaten as a vegetable.

Benefits of Consuming

A study by Nutrition Research found that consuming steamed broccoli regularly lowers the risk of cardiovascular disease by reducing the total amount of cholesterol in the body. The Vitamin K contained in Broccoli is an essential nutrient that is needed for blood clotting and may play an important role in keeping our bones healthy and strong.

Does it help in weight-loss?

Broccoli is low in calories and therefore is ideal for people focusing on losing some weight. Several micronutrients in broccoli are known to support weight loss, and its phytochemicals show potential for breaking down fats.

Best way to consume Broccoli

You can try to consume it as Broccoli and Stilton soup, or as Broccoli pie. There are loads of recipes available for you to try over the web as Broccoli is one of the most famous diet food.

Nutrients content & Risks involved in case of over-consumption

1 medium stalk (140 gm) has 45 calories, 8 gm of Carbohydrates, 4gm of Proteins, 0 mg of Cholesterol and other vital nutrients.

It is one of the safest food to consume. Overconsumption of broccoli has a common side effect, gas or bowel irritation, caused by broccoli’s high amounts of fiber.


The reason that one should consume healthy food is that most of these foods are not processed and therefore are free of any chemical additives and are rich in nutrients. The food products present in the list are some of the world’s most popular and readily available items. Anybody looking to have some healthy food can easily find them and move one step closer to achieving the perfect shape.

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