Top 6 Ways To Make Money From Internet In 2015

As we all know that internet is the emerging industry in the world, and we have seen a tremendous growth of this particular industry in last ten years. From 2004 to 2014, Internet became a powerhouse to build an online empire, startups and a different group of the applications. In this journey numerous companies have already made their fortune which include Facebook (one of the leading social networking site), Google (world’s dominated search engine site), Yahoo (world’s largest web portal), Amazon (World’s largest e-commerce site), Alibaba (World’s largest B2B, B2C, C2C e-commerce). All these companies are worth in Billion, but they had started with a zero value site.

And our this article is also dedicated to finding out effective and tested ways to generate money from internet in 2015 year.

Here’re six ways to make money from internet in 2015.

1. By Crowdfunding Your Idea To Make Money

Five  years back It was difficult to predict that whether we could make money by crowdfunding way or not but now things are changed, and you can surely make money with the help of crowdfunding medium.

If you your idea is helpful to crowd in any way whether by your gadgets, e-books, sites, art, comics, photography then sites like Kickstarter, Indiegogo, Fundable are the right platform for you. These sites use to showcase startup and small business projects for getting fund via a group of people (crowd).

It is a tried and tested formula as Pebble already made their fortune by showcasing their smartwatch on Kickstarter and succeed in raising enough fund for their smartwatch project.

But how it works, For example, you are working on a project say a video game then you have to choose any one of above-listed crowdfunding sites. Secondly, you are required to provide all the necessary details about the structure of your game (what it is all about) so that you can attract people to give fund to your project. At third, you have to set a goal of your gaming project (targeted fund) say $1000 within a limited period (e.g., one or two months). If your project is successfully received $1000 from the public in fixed period, then the money will be yours. And in return you have to give the reward to these people as they are the investor of your gaming project by giving them free copies of your game, after it completion.

2. By Blogging About Your Favorite Subject

We know that you have heard about this activity many times while reading article on internet, in a newspaper or a television show, but blogging is kind of doing web journalism depending on your niche of selection. Blogging is one the simplest way to generate money from internet with a small investment of about $150-$200 in order to build the website.

Blogging is also one of the tried and tested method of making money online and many big publishers such as TechCrunch, VentureBeat, Mashable, ArsTechnica, Business Insider are making million of dollars per month.

If they can then you also can and here how you can do this, For example; You are keen to write about technology things like different kind of gadgets say mobile, tablets and laptops and interested in writing their review so then all you have to do is to create a proper website and then you can start writing about them but remember professional blogging is similar to professional journalism and using a site for doing blogging is called a blog. It always takes time to gain audience to your blog may be taken 1 year or less than that but if you will constantly active on your blog so then this method of generating money will never fail in any way.

But people always have queries in their mind that how a blog kind of site could generate money just by putting number of articles on a blog on regular basis so here’s how, let your blog be a newspaper say NY Times or Times Of India which use to cover only a topic of technology in every aspect and as you all know that newspapers always carries advertisements (advt of cars, mobiles etc) on their articles whether on front page or on last page so advertisement is the main medium of generating revenue or money for these newspaper publishing houses so your blog will generate money on same theory as there are various ad networks are available on internet including Google Ad Sense, Infolinks, Kontera, Chitika, Lijit etc. so these are the ad networking site that will provide you the ad code of different sizes (300×250, 728×90, 160×600, etc.) then you have to put those codes on different section of your blog site like in sidebar section, top of the site or in footer section of the site and then if audience of your blog is bigger then impressions and click on these ads will be more and so you will easily earn plenty of money say $1000 per month from these ad networking site but if you are new to blogging then it will end by paying you $50 per month.

3. By Selling Products Online 

As far as we know, this is one of the simple and traditional methods to generate money by selling any products online. And many people are making their living out of this method just by selling their creation whether it is an e-book, games or any used stuff such as mobiles, bikes, car, any other household product.

We have added this method so that you can get the idea of making products on your own and selling them on classified and other e-commerce sites. We would consider this method as an ideal way for small manufacturers to spread their stuff across the cities and country by using this method.

Here how you can do this, For example; If you want to share your knowledge and experience on a particular subject so you can write an e-book. It is a digital book authored by you and later you can upload it for selling on leading e-commerce sites such as Amazon, Ebay, Best Buy, Flipkart (For Indian residents). But remember to put a reasonable price for your e-book , it might be $20 or $30 you have to start with small figures at initial stage because you are not a recognized author but once your e-book would gain reasonable buyers so then in next edition you can raise the price of your e-book. Another, If you want to sell those products which you have already used but still they are in good condition for reuse so then you can go for online auction kind of sites such as Ebay or any other online auction site and you can do this just by creating your seller profile and start selling. And if you are a small manufacturer of any product whether it is household one or any accessories related product then you can easily do this by selling them on retailer sites of your country (e.g, If you reside in India then you can choose or Flipkart for selling your items).

4. By Freelancing 

This is one of the finest and popular method of earning money online directly from your home and you can do this with the help of various sites which are offering freelancing work to freelancers.

Basically, Freelancer is a term commonly used for those people who are self-employed and not committed to a particular client, company or organization for long-term. This method works great for all kind of professions whether it is related to Business and IT sector, Legal, Web designing, Project Management, Writing, Data Science, Customer Care Translators etc, Engineering etc.

Here how it works, For example; You are a marketing and sales expert then all you need is to create your profile on any of these sites (Elance, ODesk, Freelancer) and most of these services are free to use and later in order to make your profile attractive so that more firms will outsource you for their works or projects you have to make your portfolio, years of experience in your field and then you have to fix your price on hourly basis. As you are looking for a work and created your profile on these kind of site so similarly various firms who are looking for a marketing and sales expert for their businesses so they will also visit these kind of sites and contact you for work on their particular project or for specific time period. One great thing about these sites is that you will receive your money before the completion of your job as these sites are safest platforms for finding any freelancing work. And same theory works for any other profession whether it is for writer, lawyer or for any engineer.

5. By Selling Domain Name of your old sites 

For understanding this particular method of earning then you need to understand the real meaning of internet industry. Those who are reading this article with zero knowledge of domain name then we would like to acknowledge you that domain name is the address of a site For instance Amazon is a site and its domain name is “”. Basically we use to consider internet as a country and domain names are like real state and these domains has its own valuation because in order to create a site you need a domain name and you get them by spending specific sum so buying domain name is like buying a space in a country.

If you have an old site which you are thinking is good for nothing so then you can get a good amount of money by selling them on Flippa, a leading website for buying and selling of domains, websites and mobile apps. You can check the valuation of domain name of your site by using sites like and later you can list it on Flippa, may be you will get a small amount depending upon usefulness of domain name of your site.

6. By Stocks Trading Online 

Here comes the traditional way of earning and also loosing money but we have added this method in our list because here we are giving techniques to earn money by using internet.

There was a time when we people depended upon our so-called brokers over phone and command them to buy and sell stocks in right time but now the scenario is changing so here we can take full control of our trading activities over the internet by using online stock brokers such as Tradeking, ETrade etc. You can choose any of these listed sites or go for alternative one of your own choice and then the site will ask you for open your account at the specific sum of money and then you can take control of the shares you are buying or selling. We have observed that many people don’t go with this method because it has a risk of loosing money but remember you can double the amount you are investing in stock market just by putting little effort before buying stock of any company, first look into the fundamentals of the company you are going for, its current performance in market, share price and history of stocks performance and also study the performance of its competitors and then go for it. It will definitely work for you.

Note: For this particular method, we are not giving you the assurance of earning money as it requires investment from your side for buying stocks of companies and increasing or decreasing in value of the stocks bought by you is depending upon market.

Editor’s Note: We would like to inform our viewers that this article is originally featured on Devisebuy, our sister site.

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