The Top 5 Must-Have Apps for eCommerce Websites

From shopping cart eCommerce software to apps that send deals to your mobile device as soon as you enter the store, development innovations in the realm of eCommerce, marketing and customer service continue to provide new ways for businesses to serve their customers better. If you’re in business – whether online, in the physical world or both – you owe it to your customers and your bottom line to incorporate these apps and add-ons into your overall promotions and marketing plan. Here are the top 5 eCommerce techologies on the market right now.

1. Beacon Technology

A beacon is similar to Bluetooth® in that it activates when a receptive mobile device is within range. A retail store simple installs beacons in their shop, and any customer with the app on their mobile device receives a signal that sends in-store discounts and personal greetings whenever that customer enters their store.

2. Fire Phone

This is an app for people who like window shopping, but aren’t always out and about when the store is open for business. Fire Phone software allows a customer to scan something they like in a window and purchase it on the spot via an online portal. As a bonus, it gives online shoppers the ability to see the product in person and avoid surprises when it’s delivered.

3. Cart Closer

The purpose of this app is to eliminate the problem of cart abandonment during the online purchase process. If a customer is about to leave the checkout page before finalizing the sale, a pop-up message appears to offer a discount for completing the transaction. Since the software provider only charges for this feature if a sale is made, there’s no up-front cost to the merchant.

4. Referral Candy

This app takes word-of-mouth advertising to the next level. Whenever a customer buys a product, they receive an email with a special code to share with friends. Each friend who uses the code receives a discount, and the referring customer gets a bonus.

5. Co-Creation

This last one isn’t a specific app, but a new technology trend among online retailers that allows users to customize the design of their purchase using sophisticated tools. It’s used by big names, like Etsy, as well as emerging companies like ViralStyle and Teespring. With the tools available on their websites, users can take existing apparel or jewelry designs and manipulate them to create and purchase a unique, professional-looking product that’s high in quality.

There are many more apps that are essential for eCommerce, however, the names of apps will differ depending on which eCommerce platform you use to power up your online store. If you use Shopify, you can view their app marketplace to find apps that are well-rated and trending. If you use open-source platforms (e.g. Prestashop), then you can visit their app marketplace as well. If you haven’t decided which eCommerce platform you should use, or if you would like to transfer your existing store to a different platform, my suggestion is to visit and read one of their reviews.

Consumer-driven app development will continue to evolve, and it’s up to eCommerce merchants to use the available technology to keep pace with the demands of the market. According to the latest data, more than 70% of shoppers use their mobile devices while in a retail outlet. Many of the above-mentioned and up-and-coming technologies strive to integrate the convenience of mobile marketing and online shopping with the social experience and ability to see a product up close that comes with traditional real-world shopping.


  1. I’ve tried out all 5 of these apps and I must say I am very very unsatisfied with the content you produce!! 4 of them were extremely spamy and buggy, while Referal Candy spamed out my email in less than 24h with over 50 emails…. this is terrible, shame on you, shame on your cow!

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