Top 5 applications for travelers

It is the age of technology and everything works on it. Be it communication, shopping, education, booking tickets, entertainment, news or anything else; it is an ocean of possibilities. With such wide range of scope on the internet, nothing actually seems difficult. Travelling is fun and especially if one has some appropriately required applications about the same. This article takes a look at the top 5 apps for travelers.

  1. Expedia

This is an app that contains all details pertaining to searching information about places, booking tickets, and more. The mobile version of the same also offers attractive offers and deals. For example: If the iPhone version of Expedia is used, the user may benefit heavily. Apart from this, such handy apps also let the traveler browse through previous bookings, current bookings, availability and more very conveniently. Expedia ranks first at the top 5 useful applications for travelers.

  1. TripAdvisor Offline City Guides

This is another intelligent application that acts as a guide to travelers. It consists of suggestions and maps that can inform users about places to visit shop or eat. It does not come pre-installed with many maps and thus one must remember to install specific maps in the same to better the experience and maximize its potential. The TripAdvisor Offline City Guides is available only on iOS. More Details  click here

  1. Google Maps

A map is the best thing to carry while traveling anywhere on earth. And what better application exists in the market than Google Maps. It is an amazing application that contains maps of all countries and places. It has all the provisions of getting directions from one place to another; detect the exact position of an individual via the smart phone on which it is installed, give out voice instructions as part of GPS, and do much more. The accuracy of this application is also very high and trusted. What adds to account for its success is its availability in almost all mobile operating systems. There is no doubt that it is a must carry application for a traveler.

  1. Google Translate

Traveling to various places may require interaction with people of different cultures, origin and language. To tackle the same in a best way, Google Translate is the best application to consider. It is something that would act as a boon and help in interacting with anybody from any country speaking any language. It does a great job in translating English to many other languages and vice versa on the move and is readily available for all the mobile operating systems. Every traveler must have this one installed on their smart phones.

  1. Onavo Extend

Last but not the least, one incurs huge mobile and data bills while on the move. This application does the job of keeping a track record of how much data is being used while travelling and thereby helps in keeping the bills under control. It even has provisions to limit the usage after reaching a particular user defined threshold value.

Thus, travelling would be even more organized and proper if applications like these are carried along with.

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