Top 10 Sneakers To Have In 2017

Nowadays sneakers are becoming a significant division of people’s wardrobe. But what we really liked about the Sneakers is their everlasting craziness among all age group of people.

There are numerous sneakers which are trending for decades like Adidas’ best-selling sneaker named Stan Smith. Even brands like Vans, Converse, and Nike are coming with new trend setting design which has attracted millions of customers to sneakers’ market.

Looking at the popularity of branded and stylish sneakers among youth, we’ve decided to bring some world class, everlasting, stylish, and at the same time affordable sneakers to you.

Here is the list of the top 10 sneakers to have in 2017.

1. Nike Air Force 1

Here comes the Nike Air Force 1, one of the finest sneakers, Nike has ever produced. The Air Force 1 has its own legacy as it is designed by Bruce Kilgore for the prime purpose as Basketball shoes. This product is worn by some great basketball players like Moses Malone but nowadays people are considering it more as a lifestyle shoe. The white version of Air Force 1 can boost your overall style and is perfect for those who wants an all-white touch to their style.

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2. Vans Authentic

When we talk about sneakers and casual shoes, Vans is a big name in this particular product segment. The company debuted in 1966 with Vans Deck Shoes, also known as ‘Vans Authentic’. Even today, this particular stuff has a huge demand among college going students and casual shoe lovers. In short, one can’t go wrong with Vans Authentic as the product offers a best in class comfortability, quality, and affordability.

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3. Adidas Superstar

Well, you can’t afford to avoid ‘Adidas Superstar’ when you are talking about top quality sneakers. These sneakers are one of the best selling sneakers of Adidas and are widely accepted by celebrities, models, and athletes across the globe. Like Nike Air Force 1, Adidas Superstar was manufactured as a basketball low-top shoe and being worn by almost 75% of all NBA players after its introduction. Even today, the product is considered to be the best in class sneakers of all time and are hugely popular among all age group of people.

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4. Nike Roshe One

When it comes to sneakers, we’ve often observed that the sneakers are not as comfortable as sports shoes. At the same time, sports shoes can’t be the substitute of sneakers in terms of fashion ethics. That’s why I personally like these Nike Roshe one shoes the most as they’ve got a perfect blend of both sports shoes and casual sneakers. You can wear them with any sort of clothes without any worry as they’ve got best in class comfortability, affordability, and at the same time, they are quite fashionable.

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5. Adidas Stan Smith 

Different people have different perception about these Stan Smith sneakers, some says these are overrated and some says these are the best from Adidas. Having said that, no one can deny the fact that Stan Smith sneakers are one of the best-selling sneakers for Adidas. Basically, they were manufactured primarily as tennis shoe on the name of American tennis player ‘Stan Smith’ who was active between the end of the 1960s and the beginning of the 1980s. Nowadays people are using it as a casual sneaker and majority of the people across the globe, has respect for this particular shoe for its legacy. These come in the various version that includes Stan Smith II, Vintage, comfort etc.

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6. New Balance 998

When it comes to sports line, no one can deny this fact that New Balance produces world class running, sports, and athletic shoes. But here we are discussing high-quality sneakers, and you can’t find much like Nike Roshe One. But people are loving the New Balance 998 as a choice for casual sneaker along with sporty look and comfort feel. We can assure one thing to our viewers that 10 years from now, New Balance will be the big thing in sneakers segment. Having said that, you should have New Balance 998 as it can actually provide you the level of comfort which you can expect from other brands.

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7. Etnies Men’s Scout 

Among big sneaker brands, you should also look at the quality that this American footwear brand is providing. Etnies, owned by Sole Technology, based in California, may not be the popular brand across the globe. But when it comes to quality, affordability, class, comfort with a simplistic design then Etnies Men’s Scout shoes should be in your collection. Well, I would personally recommend these shoes to you guys as I think these are the most unique in terms of design among all in this list.

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8. Converse Chuck Taylor All-Star

Here are the legendary shoes for all the ankle length sneakers’ lovers. These all-star sneakers are the oldest sneaker on this list as the first version released almost 99 years ago in 1917. Well, those who are not aware of this particular sneaker will be surprised to know the fact that these are still plausible among ankle length sneaker lovers. But what we really liked about them are the simplistic design (a cardinal rubber sole with textile upper, laces, and rubber toe cap) of a great quality material. One can measure its popularity by looking at the fact that these shoes are among the most copied and replicated.

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9. Puma Suede Classic +

Puma is a reputed brand for manufacturing elevated quality sports shoes, casual shoes, and sneakers. Fortunately, the company has a perfect product in its portfolio that is well deserved to be in our list. The Puma Suede Classic plus is a rich texture sneakers along with high-class comfortability and affordability. These shoes are capable enough to gain public attention quickly due to their rich material.

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10. Yeezy Boost 350

We are certainly aware of the fact that Yeezy Boost 350 is not compatible with affordability factor. But if we are talking about the top 10 sneakers then you can’t avoid Yeezy from the list. Although these shoes are one of the expensive product from Adidas but they are worth each penny. In simple terms, if you have thousand dollars to spend and you want to stand out of the crowd then Yeezy Boost 350 is a must buy for you as these are the most fashionable and comfortable sneakers available in the market. Yeezy series is a result of a collaborative project between Adidas and Kanye West, American rapper and fashion designer.

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