To Me, From Me: 5 Treat Yourself Gifts Just Because

Whenever there’s a gift-giving occasion, you likely put deep thought into what sorts of gifts you’ll be giving. How often do you get to offer such a thoughtful gift to yourself, though? Better yet, there’s no reason for you to wait for a birthday or holiday. Instead, treat yourself to something special just because! No one says you need a reason to offer yourself a present.

1. A Moment of Calm


If you’re like most people, you likely spend a whole lot of time running around and stressing out. Don’t you deserve a break? Talk to your doctor about whether CBD gummies could be a welcome addition to your wellness routine. While the FDA has not yet approved CBD products for most symptoms, anecdotal evidence suggests the benefits may be ample. Unsure about your CBD coming in gummy form? Try one of the many other varieties instead, such as capsules, tinctures, topicals, or edibles.

2. A Bit of Beauty


Whether or not CBD is right for you, there are other bits of self-care you can add to your standard routine. For example, stick-on nails offer a convenient way to indulge in a moment dedicated to your bliss and beauty in a way that’s fast and foolproof. Unlike conventional manicures, your nail polish stickers allow for speedy, mess-free application, leaving plenty of time for the other ingredients making up your ideal self-care day.

3. A Sudden Splurge


Do you keep a wish list on Amazon or your platform of choice, taking note of all sorts of “someday” purchases that you just can’t bring yourself to splurge on? Consider this your sign from the universe: if you’re able, treat yourself to one of those goodies you’ve yet to purchase! Whether it’s an electronic device you’re dying to try, a certain accessory or piece of clothing, or even a game you’d love to play, give yourself permission to spend a little extra (within reason) to bring a smile to your face.

4. A Practical Present


Not all gifts to yourself have to be some sort of extravagance. Some of the best gifts are those that could be considered essential! Parents, in particular, may find that they’re sacrificing their own needs to provide for their children or other loved ones. To treat yourself, turn that focus to you. You don’t even have to spend money, necessarily. Even a well-deserved nap counts as an especially practical present! The key here is to treat yourself to something you wouldn’t normally, even if it doesn’t seem like a real luxury. There’s no need to wait until you absolutely need to sleep or otherwise take a break—allow yourself to indulge just because.

5. A Healthy Habit


Not only can your healthy habit be something practical—it can be one that lasts well past a single day! Consider treating yourself to a new healthy habit as your special gift. There’s no limit to the good habits you can add to your day-to-day life. Invest in a fancy water bottle that will encourage you to stay hydrated, or luxurious sheets to ensure you get eight or more hours of sleep each night.

All too often, we overlook our own needs to provide for the people around us, instead. However, it’s about time you treat yourself for a change. Take the time to figure out what kind of gift would most improve your physical or emotional state in this moment. Then, put in the effort to make that happen. Whether it’s seeking out a particular dosage of vegan CBD gummy, picking out some pretty polish for an at-home salon to combat the Sunday scaries, or just taking a well-deserved nap, you‘ll find that a small treat may be the best possible form of self-care.

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