Tips for selecting a Domain Name Registration Company in India

The virtual personality of a business reflects all the way in its popularity, performance and profitability. There is no doubt regarding the fact that online platform is the most preferred choice for consumers these days to conduct any kind of business transaction. The virtual platform has encompassed within itself the entire process of marketing, from being a medium to conduct initial search by consumers to conducting payment transactions and gathering feedback, the internet has become a fully self-sufficient marketing system.

There are different quirks to the virtual business world, and there are a host of different strategies to emerge as victors in this field. It is no wonder then that business schools all over the world have devoted specific subjects, and some even certain years to understand the online marketing phenomenon. Domain names are a big part of the online shenanigans employed to make a business popular on the web, and ours being one of the most rapidly developing IT dependent nations, the need to understand certain tips for selecting a domain name registration In India is absolute.

Domain name selection In India: A guide


Credibility is a big factor that has to be given paramount importance while zeroing in on a domain name registrar. There are certain institutes which govern the various domain name registrars. The company chosen by you should be endorsed by such an institution to ensure that your domain name is formally a part of the internet.


The terms and conditions that specify the type of domain name, the duration for which it has been provided and the rights of the registrar as well as the client need to be expressly stated by the registrar. There are some registrars who make changes to the policies of the contract without prior information, and then discontinuing the domain, causing extensive harassment.


The price quoted by the registrar companies should be as per the guidelines laid down by the regulatory authority. Universally, .com names cost the most, as it represents a fully commercial set up. Most single, plausible English words have had their domains registered by people who have paid heftily.


Registrars need to communicate with clarity the time period that the domain registration is valid for. It ranges from 1 to three, five or ten years. The registrar company needs to ensure that even if they have to discontinue the job, the domain name should not remain without a host.

Domain transfer

Transferability of domain name is an option if you are not satisfied with the services of the current domain hosting service. This is generally done free of cost. If your service provider demands a fee, then they should have mentioned it in the contract. The registrar’s transfer policies should be checked right at the beginning of entering into a contract.


The registrar should provide you with ample alternatives of domain names if your choice is already taken. They also sometimes provide domain name generating services which provide you with a combination of words that are similar to the domain name you had an eye for. Websites provide the status of a domain name and the possibility of creation something which can catch the essence of that desired name.

Domain names are helpful in the sense that they provide a simple, easy to remember solution of a name in the place of complicated computer IP addresses.  Had it not been for sites such as Flickr, Pinterest, twitter etc., domain names would not have such a thriving profession.



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