Tips for a safe online shopping experience

How often do you purchase online within a year? It is fast, convenient and often cheaper than buying offline. Through online shopping you can get big discounts and you have access to order in any part of the world from any other part in the world.

Getting everything delivered right in front of your door is one of the most comfortable experiences but sometimes the awakening after words is hard once you realize you have become a victim of online shopping fraud. The nicely designed info-graphic from shows you in six simple steps how to buy safe at an online shop.

1. Public WIFI. It is very common going to a Coffee shop and connect to the internet while having a good cappuccino. But the public WIFI is quite dangerous, because everybody has access to it. Avoid public WIFI, because it is very easy to get your personal details, like pin number, ID, etc. for other people.

2. Check reviews. Human beings always like to talk about good and bad experiences. Many online shoppers usually give feedback about their experiences on online review platforms like There you can easily write and read reviews for free and get to know the online shop a bit better before buying.

3. Check terms and conditions. Do not buy anything at the internet that you cannot return. It can happen easily that a piece of fashion is not your size or that the quality is not as you thought. Online retailers have to give you the opportunity to return your order. Returning orders should be as simple as possible, too.

4. Too good to be real. No company offers huge promotions, immense discounts. Be aware of such big discounts because usually there will be disadvantage behind.

5. Check out the URL. Take a look at the URL of the online shop before purchasing. Make sure that the page where you are buying is the same from the beginning on. If it changed during surfing onsite, you should not continue with the process because probably you will be a victim of online fraud.

6. Check your bank account. Ask your bank to inform you about all the transactions in your account. If you only look at it once a month, you bank account is not safe enough. In case anything happens related to online shopping fraud you will notice it immediately and you can solve the problem as soon as possible.

Now you have the main keys to avoid online shopping fraud and you can enjoy online shopping.

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