Best Online Portals For Shopping Electronic Items in India

We live in the digital age. We do everything with the help of electronics. We read, we write, we interact with other people through the bounties of the internet. Shopping is no exception. Online shopping sites have made purchasing products simpler, faster and easier. And the one thing that sells the most – electronics. It’s like a vicious cycle. We buy things that help make buying things become easier. Few week back we posted about Indian Coupon Website and now we have another addition to our shopping list.

Here’s another list of Indian websites that will help you buy things easily; a run down of the best online portals for electronics.

1. Flipkart – Flipkart offers great deal on a variety of electronic products. It sells phones, Tablets, laptops, personal appliances; it even sells computer and gaming accessories. The prices are great too. Most products have at least a 10% discount. And almost every brand of phone, camera and hair dryer can be found at the click of a button.flipkart-coupons.png

2. Amazon India – Amazon India offers a wide range of electronic products. But one of its specialties is the Kindle. Kindle is an E-reader (electronic reader) that allows you to download and read books on the go. Further, Amazon offers a vast number of E-books that can be downloaded and read on a number of E- readers at

3. Ebay – Ebay is known for its great prices. You can buy a mobile phone from anywhere. But can you get 30% off on the retail price? Few places offer such good deals. Another great thing about Ebay is that it attempts to help techie novices make the right choice.ebay-india-coupons.png

At the bottom of every page is a step-by-step explanation of how to choose the right phone/laptop/camera/weight loss machine for you. It’s hard to go wrong with such great prices and such great help.

4. Tradus – As with every other online store, Tradus sells a wide range of computers, mobile phones, cameras and other electronics. What truly sets it apart is that it also sells automobile accessories including car stereos, scuff plates, amplifiers and body covers.tradus-coupons.png

Various brands such as Pioneer, Sony and Xtrabond may be found with ease. Most products are sold at discount prices and have money back guarantees.

If you are looking to save money when buying electronics online in India, check websites like dealstan ( Where they curate latest deal and offers from electronic categories, which will get you best deal from all of the above mentioned portals at single place.

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This is wrote by Maryanne Pais, student of Christ University, pursuing an Undergraduate degree in Psychology, Sociology and English. With a penchant for online shopping, she works with the content marketing team of e-commerce website

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