Tips to Follow to Apply for an ITIN

The Individual Taxpayer Identification Number (ITIN) is basically a tax processing number which is certified by the Internal Revenue Service to the individuals who do not pretense any social security number but earning a certain level of taxable income or receiving stipends, scholarships, and awards from any well-known universities. One can apply for ITIN to fill up the tax returns. But how to apply for ITIN is really a big question for any individual. Nothing to worry about it, you just need to open a bank account or apply for a mortgage loan in the United States. They are just a nine-digit number which is starting with the number nine and used as an identity proof so that you can access all the financial services.

There are lots of trustworthy companies or organizations which will not accept any notarized documents or copies of the applicants for an ITIN. Only original documents for birth certificates, Visa, Passport, Foreign Voter card, military identification card (if any) and driving license or valid copies of all those documents will be accepted and you need to be produced. The Certified Acceptance Agent (CAA) that includes businesses, as well as individuals, are one of the authorized agencies who can work in collaboration with IRS and helps to review or verify all the documents of individuals or businesses submitted by the applicants and their dependents or spouse. The original copies of the documents must be mailed to the IRS also. Mainly people write their birth dates as per the dates, month and year format. But for ITIN renewal or applications, they need to enclose all dates in the month, date and year style.

Since ITIN is basically issued for foreign nationals and for such individuals who fall under federal tax filing requirements, both US residents and non-residents can opt for an ITIN in order to claim their exemption. But there must be a separate application for any individual Taxpayer or spouse and their dependent children to get the proper Tax identification number. The applicants need to fill up the full IRS form w7. The taxpayers’ form can easily be downloaded from the internet or can bring from the nearest social security office. The criteria for filling up the form is not only for the businesses but also for the individuals who do not have an SSN but must furnish a taxpayer identification number, the nonresidents individuals, claiming reduced with holding under the applicable income tax treaty just need an ITIN form, whereas a non resident individual of US who wishes to file a joint federal tax return with a spouse who is US resident, a non resident spouse claimed as an exemption under the US federal tax but is not eligible to receive an SSN and any non resident scholar, student, or researcher who needs to file a US federal tax return and is not eligible under SSN can easily apply for ITIN and fill up the W7 form issued by the IRIS. The form must be completed in English so that it could be easier for all to follow each instruction and all the documents which have been submitted are returned to the concerned person at the mailing address mentioned in the form. The purpose of the form is to get ITIN and also to do a renewal of ITIN.

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