Mobile Apps Designing Tips for Best User Experience

Mobile technology has been proven as a great equalizer for business because of its high demand. Even small startups with their latest mobile applications are now in a position to take big brands in an easy way. As the demand for mobile is increasing, so the mobile technology develops and has become an integral part of everyday life and mobile user experience (UX) is taking center stage. Even sometimes UX designers are also not involved in the actual designing process, after knowing some basic concepts of mobile application design skill that can help them to produce better concepts and better feedback to the interface designers. So, here are few tips for the mobile app developers and designers to follow so that everything can go smoothly:

Keep everything Short and Simple: Mobile apps users don’t have enough time or inclination to read all the instruction manuals. Coach marks and prompts are fine, so if you want to put FAQs in your app, then you are going to the wrong direction. The simpler the mobile app, the better use of such would be.

Identify your users: Mobile app users can fall into various categories like some are searching for specific information or any specific tasks and browsing different things to collect and gather such information. Some may hunters of different sport games apps like cricket apps, football apps, volleyball apps, hockey sports apps and many more. They love to play online games with their real-life experience and always searching for free sports app so that they can enjoy every moment of their leisure time. For hunter focusing on features that can accomplish tasks with ease and in the least number of steps. For any gatherers, give them fast access to a broad set of information so that they can able to identify all possible ways to keep themselves activated.

Pay attention to the platform: Apple iOS, Windows Microsoft, Google Android and rest of the platform developers have already invested billions in their designs. So, developing any kind of mobile application interfaces which will ultimately not work seamlessly in the operating system may make happy to your brand team but not the mobile app users. So, take everything into a plan and incorporate your interface elements subtly without altering and underlying functions.

Accomplish Tasks and Follow your own instructions:  Mobile phone users always expect to accomplish tasks quickly. Each function of your app will help them with that – remove everything else. You always keep in mind that mobile app users would not afford to waste space or time. So, try to understand their intention and deliver the relevant things to the users.

You should always yourself from a user point of view. Suppose, if you are using the app then what you expect from this. There is a small difference between a mobile experience user and traditional designer. Maximum men users love to get sports app, game news apps, CBS sports information whereas girls love to play some downloadable free game on their mobile. So, you have to keep both the things in mind.

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