The Top Reasons You Should Get A Waterproof Case For Your Smartphone

The commonly held belief that a submerged smartphone can be resuscitated by being buried in rice is an urban myth. What it really needs is up to 48 hours of recovery time. Don’t fiddle with it or switch it on and it may recover, but no promises.

With most phones, these days claiming some level of water resistance, how protected is your phone? Read on to learn why switching to a waterproof case may be the right move.

Waterproof Case

Not all waterproof cases are the same. Check out the depth to which your smartphone is protected while in the waterproof case. You should look for a rating that exceeds the one that your phone already has without a case.

Waterproofing to a depth of 10ft like this iPhone 7 Waterproof Case will be fine for most practical purposes. It will also give protection against dust and sand.

Water Damage Not Covered by Warranty

A major reason why a waterproof case is a great idea for your iPhone is that water damage is not covered by your iPhone warranty. If you spill a coffee on your iPhone, you may cause fatal damage. You won’t be able to claim a repair or replacement under the warranty.

Some customers may present the damaged iPhone to Apple and claim that a fault just happened. Many models have built-in detectors that can show that a fault is caused by water damage.

Underwater Photos

Taking photos underwater is one of the great advantages of a waterproof phone case. Capture exotic underwater scenes. Record movies of fish swimming.

One of the great things about your smartphone is that you can use it to record important and fun events in your life. You already use it to take pictures of friends and family, but what about when you are at the pool or the beach?

Understandably, you are hesitant about taking pictures with your precious phone around the pool or by the seashore. Worry no more – a waterproof case removes that worry.

Drop Resistance

A waterproof case also provides added protection to your phone. The drop resistance is much greater than without a case. You can take your phone on your adventures in the outdoors without being worried that you might damage it.  

Dust Protection

Water damage is potentially fatal for your phone, but it’s not the only risk. Fine dust can also get into the inner workings of your smartphone. If it enters the case of the smartphone through ports and sockets, it can wreak damage to internal components.

Waterproofing is also dust proofing. Take your smartphone in dusty work environments, to the beach, and to the desert with confidence that your smartphone is protected.

Soft Grip

While drop protection is a useful feature of a phone case, an even better feature is one that stops you from dropping the phone in the first place. A waterproof case with a soft-grip exterior is held more securely. This helps prevent you from dropping and damaging your smartphone.

Worry-Free iPhone

Your smartphone is an expensive item. A waterproof case is a great way to care for it. Fit one and have even more fun with your phone.

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