The Best Five Kodi Alternatives That Users Can Select Today

There are several reasons as to why Kodi is the latest buzz in the genre of Android streaming apps! You can define it to be the most strong and seamless media centre. It enables users the access to manage and do anything with their in-home media library to making use of the add-ons for streaming content all around the globe!

However, there can be people who might want to use something other than Kodi! To address those queries, today users have access to a whole wide range of Kodi alternatives. The top five are as follows:

  • Kokotime

One of the most popular Kodi alternatives, Kokotime is designed for Android app. It enables you to browse through all your files that get located on the home network. You also have the chance to make use of your playlists and further stream the same in your Android device. Today, Kokotime gets the reputation of doing a fantastic job of managing the stored media on the network. This organization happens either by the rating or the genre.  

  • Universal Media Server

As a Kodi alternative, this comes with a smooth presentation. It enables the users to stream media between multiple devices and also software used in the devices, for instance, the web browsers. Furthermore, the Universal Media Server comes equipped with a DLNA that backs up the alternative streaming choices available for the non-DLNA devices. It can seamlessly stream content available in between the game consoles, smart TV’s as well as computers. Here, you can research free VPN for gamers and learn more.

  • OSMC

Even if you want to use a Kodi alternative, yet if you wish to have a similar experience you can opt-in for OSMC. The full form for this is Open Source Media Center. This platform is more versatile and open. You can call it a more modified version of Kodi to a wide selection of platforms that you can’t have by default, such as Apple TV.

  • Stremio

Simply put, Stremio gets defined as the local media center program for Windows, MAC and Linux that assists playback of local media and live TV. The features here comprise here assistance for the auto-detect subtitles, add-ons as well as the instant HD playback. It can also broadcast a media through the DLNA to Apple TV, a Chromecast or any other device.

  • Usher

Are you searching for a decent media management system especially for macOS? If yes, you can opt-in for Usher. It is new age software that makes your media managements seamless on your Mac. Furthermore, it can also manage the iTunes library along with your picture and several other media libraries on one system. A series of media solutions in this list comes with a wide range of features. It comprises of add-ons such as mobile assistance and DLNA. Though these features are not essential, one can always benefit from it.

Even though Kodi has its unique features and its user-friendliness, still some people would want to opt-in for some of the other alternatives. The list is increasing with new options getting launched every day. If you are just a starter you can opt-in for the five alternatives that are discussed above and know more on the same.

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