The Benefits of Youtube In Your Advertising Strategy

YouTube has been around for about 14 years. In the beginning, it was just a video sharing platform where people posted self-recorded video content or their homemade music videos and gaming videos.

Nowadays, people watch YouTube videos for a longer time than television shows. This gives marketers a more affordable opportunity to reach their target audience on YouTube, especially since there are more people watching it. YouTube users seem to pay attention more and spend more time on videos. Why?

The average person who goes on YouTube will typically want to learn something new or view videos made by a vlogger they’re subscribed to. When advertisers create video ads, they tend to add an element of emotion and storytelling to make their video ads more entertaining to audiences. This is what keeps people engaged longer. In fact, people want to have an emotional experience like this when they go to YouTube.

Therefore, if you haven’t advertised your brand on YouTube by creating a channel for it, then you should do so immediately. There are millions of people from around the world who use YouTube every day. You have the potential to influence your target audience with the emotional and helpful videos that you make. This is what could potentially lead to leads and sales for your business.

Of course, you need to have a strategy for your YouTube advertising. Don’t just post up random selfie vlogs of yourself in poor video quality. You need to have a story behind your videos which gives them purpose, reliability, value, and authenticity. Viewers need to be offered something unique like this. If your videos stand out from other people’s videos, then you will grow your audience.

If you can make a viral YouTube video, then you’ll be an instant success. For example, a company called Blendtec makes blenders and needed an effective way to market their blenders. When the marketing manager witnessed the company’s founder testing the blender, he had the idea of video recording the founder blending some old marbles. This sparked the catchphrase “Will it blend?”

The video proved successful on YouTube. It went viral and boosted the company’s blender sales by more than 700%. That is why you need to plan your videos accordingly. You may even want to think about writing a script for them too. If you can pull off something clever like this, your videos may trend like this too.

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