The 12 Bizarre Things You Need to Survive the Apocalypse

People are almost always paranoid about the future, and it actually drives them insane thinking that one day, there will be rogue robots destroying humans as well as a new disease raising the dead back to life. These fears are slowly getting valid—the chronic change in climate and the drastic deaths and destruction caused by pollution—it’s no wonder people are getting scared for their lives. With the ridiculous projects and other campaigns that seem to damage the ecosystem and natural resources more, it’s almost confirmed that humanity has doomed itself to an apocalyptic end.

Other countries are actually prepared for this, and it’s only a matter of years until Earth becomes a dangerous world to live in. Countries like New Zealand are viewed as one of the possible havens for survivors. If you’re one of those who get paranoid thinking about the future, don’t worry, there are nifty tools you can rely on when sources are scarce and almost inedible. If fiction finally turns to reality, you need to be prepared for the worst and battle your way through survival. 


  • Potassium iodide. With countries getting tense with one another, it’s almost guaranteed to have a fallout in the future. With the residual radioactive chemicals thick in the air and polluting the water sources, you need to be prepared for the anomalies you’ll deal with when you exit your bunkhouse. Potassium iodide can help protect your thyroid and ensure that it doesn’t absorb radioactive iodine. Radioactive iodine is actually present in nuclear fallout and can be absorbed easily by the thyroid. Taking this pill keeps the thyroid protected and helps you fend off toxic iodine. The suggested dose for adults is 130 mg a day.
  • Lockpicking tools. You’ll need to loot houses and other establishments that have canned food or other items needed to survive. These houses could be filled with goodies and other items you need and haven’t encountered for a while. Don’t be too upset or guilty when you raid someone else’s home for temporary shelter and supplies; the owners probably left for good. You can use a lockpicking set with almost any lock and knob, and after using it for a while, you’ll get a knack for it. It’s also ideal to keep a lockpicking tool with you at all times when the apocalypse happens as you might just stumble upon a mansion during your journey!
  • Water purification devices. Your water source may not be as clean as you think it is, so it’s ideal to keep water purification devices with you at all times. Sadly, this is already a hit for some people, especially with drinking water now being polluted and filled with garbage. Water purification devices will sterilize the water you drink and keep you going for a while. They say that humans can survive longer without food if they stay hydrated, so stock up on water and keep this with you at all times when the long journey is underway. The effective kind is one that is battery-powered since it purifies using UV light to cleanse the water source.
  • Axe or blade. You should pack both a sturdy light axe and a machete for breaking obstacles, crafting, and chopping. You need these for when you need to take shelter at a convenient place or when you need to pry open crates to take items from inside. An axe or a blade is also quite useful for hunting; if there are healthy animals roaming around, you can hack it with an axe for a food source. You can also opt for a bow and arrow. Avoid using guns as this can attract unwanted attention, and its ammo can’t be reused, unlike arrows. Before you use a weapon, make sure you have had proper training and practice or else you might injure your companion or yourself while using it. 
  • Camping stove. You need something that produces fire as this can be used for cooking and sterilizing items needed to tend to wounds. If you’ve run out of rations and settled for hunting for meat, then a nifty camping stove can be used to cook it. Since its portable, the stove can be packed and stowed away on the move. Always pack a spare gas cylinder for long cold nights and days without dry food. If you’re out of water purification devices, you can use the stove to boil water to make sure that the water for drinking is safe and clean. 
  • Dry and canned food. While not exactly a five-star dinner, dry and canned goods can help you last a while longer as you try and find an ideal civilization during your journey. These kinds of foods have a longer shelf life and can withstand temperatures. Opt for food dense with vitamins and minerals, like peanut butter, to keep you going throughout the day. Bring some chocolates, too, in case you’re no longer in the mood for some nutty goodness. Try canned fish or corned beef for a fuller feeling, and some crackers and candies can actually keep you full and alert for a while too.
  • First aid kit. You’re expected to be traveling most of the time, meaning you’ll encounter scrapes, splinters, and other simple injuries to get to your destination. You will need a first aid kit—packed with all sorts of antibiotics, gauze, and bandages—to keep you going even with scrapes and bruises. Pack it in a way that you can access it easily like secured around your waist or in a small outside pocket of your backpack. Store up on pain relievers as well and some flu pills to keep you going. And remember to rest whenever you can.
  • Camping backpack. Camping backpacks can take a beating and can store loads of items better than regular backpacks. It has harness belts to ensure breezy movement and, at the same time, security so it doesn’t just fall off when you climb or trek dangerous trails. It comes in many sizes too, but get something you can carry throughout and easily travel with when on foot. Get something with thick, comfy slings so it won’t tire you out when you’ve walked for miles on end—until you loot a vehicle, of course.
  • Commercial-grade rope. This type of rope is nifty since it’s strong and can withstand almost any element out in the wilderness. You can use this to secure your food or other items as you travel. It can also be used as a trap for small animals to have for dinner or meal the next day if you know how to prepare it to last long. Having a rope can also guarantee a bit of comfort as you can use this to tie a hammock (or a makeshift one) to sleep in. 
  • Solar flashlight. There won’t always be electricity where you stop at, so when selecting flashlights, go for something that can be charged by the sun’s light. Solar flashlights come in different sizes, so you can also opt for a bigger one if you also rely on it as a weapon or if you want it to stay on the entire time. Make sure to charge the flashlight whenever you can so it won’t run out of juice and land you in the dark.
  • Sleeping bag. There will be times it will be chilly and sleeping in a hammock means freezing to death, thus you will need a sleeping bag to stay warm. Stay snug and warm in a sleeping bag so you won’t get sick the morning after. There are sleeping bags that are ideal for cold surfaces and weather, so opt for a thick one to ensure comfort and warmth. Plus, it would be your first layer of defense against creepy crawlies that climbs on sleeping bodies. You don’t want to have insects and worms in your clothes!
  • Book. Who says you need to be bored to death when you need to survive? You will need some escape from all the chaos and the trouble you’re experiencing, and with a book, it’ll be a nice change of pace to get lost in the literary world. Compared to other entertainment devices, your senses can still be alert as you read a book. Having a book is even better if you travel alone, as the fictional characters can keep you company. If you don’t have a book on hand, you can loot other houses or establishments for new novels to read on the go!


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