Stay a Happy Camper! 5 Important Camping Safety Tips for Your Trip

Did you know that over 39 million people went camping in the USA in the year 2018? 

Camping is a great way to enjoy a budget vacation and see amazing scenery all at the same time. 

Do you enjoy camping? Some people shy away because they are not sure that it is safe. If you feel that way, why not take a few minutes and read up about camping safety.

You might find that camping is safer than you think and even get inspired to try it yourself. 

1. Be Well Organized

You have arrived at the camping location. You have successfully pitched your tent and even cooked a meal. However, you now have a responsibility to keep your camping area clean and tidy. 

If you do not, you will spoil more than your reputation. You risk attracting everything from bugs and scorpions to large wildlife who are looking for a free meal. Avoid this by carefully packing away food and other materials that could be attractive to wildlife. 

If camping in the great outdoors is a source of anxiety for you, why not consider insuring your family and personal items? You can find out more about this from this page.

2. Fire Safety

Cooking marshmallows over your campfire is one of the best parts of camping. However, if you choose to light a fire you should take extreme care. 

Be careful not to light a fire close to dry branches or other materials that could burn. You should also be careful not to have a fire close to low hanging branches. 

Simple common sense will help you to keep your fire under control and prevent wildfires.

3. Beware of the Animals

You want to keep animals out of your camping area. However, what can you do when you go for day-hikes? Follow local guidelines and only hike during the day when you can see where you are treading. 

If you do see a wild animal, take the easy way out and retreat. Approaching a wild animal even to get a good photograph can cause them to become afraid and defend themselves.

4. Prepare for Bugs

It is difficult to find any camping location that will not have at least some bugs. Prepare for this by purchasing a bug repellent that is suitable for the area you will camp in. 

You can also take extra steps to avoid mosquitos such as netting and repellent candles.

5. Drink Fluids

Camping is exciting, however, you should not forget that it is also tiring and often sweaty work. Carrying your equipment and hiking will cause you to lose a lot of fluids each day. Avoid dehydration by continually drinking water throughout the day.

Camping Safety Tips and Much More

If you are thinking of going camping for the first time, you are in for a treat. You will enjoy fresh air, quality time with your family, and good healthy exercise.

Of course, real camping means you will be without some of your normal comforts. Be sure to apply these camping safety tips to keep yourself and your loved ones safe. 

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