Signature Cocktails For The Wedding Day Inspired From Your Zodiac Sign!

Champagne? Rose? Tequila? Or All of them?

Choosing a signature drink that both you and your partner agree on is one of the most challenging things, especially when you are a gin girl and he’s a scotch guy!

Well, wedding celebrations should have the essence of the couple’s relationship and their love for each other. From music to theme to dresses to food, every aspect should have the uniqueness of two and the life they are going to spend together.

Of course, you can select everything based on your personal style and family traditions, selecting wedding details on the zodiac sign of you and your partner can also be a fun thing. Besides, it will become more interesting if you pick your signature drink according to the sun sign.

So, put your taste buds on rest mode and let the stars decide your cocktail drink.


They are exuberant and forthright. In fact, Aries ladies are the one who will stride into the bar counter after anything. So, get a strong rye whiskey-based cocktail for your wedding and let the guests savor the taste of your favorite drink.


They are practical, conservative, well-grounded and are often inclined toward strong and classic drinks. For them, the iconic Gin and Tonic would serve the best. Want to make it a little extra? Order the drink with juniper and mango.


Ah! They are mojito lovers! Gemini wants something they can take to the dance floor, and a glass of martini or mojito would be perfect for them.


Cancers are notoriously classic, sentimental and have a unique inclination to beverage and for them, champagne is the best! Whether your bartender is serving the plane champagne or the bubbly version of it by adding cognac, lemon juice, and simple syrup, it will attract your guests.


Leo’s are quite dramatic! They want drama, uniqueness and flavors to everything they do. Besides, they are creative and cheerful and want their drink to be like that. For them, a garnished cocktail or a fruity Tiki drink would be the best. They don’t even mind keeping the fancy halved pineapple or carved ceramic head over the top of their drink glass!


Virgo’s greatest strength is that they put attention to every minute detail, the reason they will remain at the bar to see that their guests get the best. However, for a change, especially on the day, let the Red Rock cocktail lift you. With the tempting flavors of grilled pineapple, chili-infused Mezcal, Prickly pear, fresh lime, and Sotol, the drink would be perfect for you.


Libra are social butterflies and love crimson colors. For Libra couple, the balance of Champagne and Vodka would be the best.


They are known for your fierce personality as they know what exactly they want. Scorpi’s are also the one who will pull off three frozen tequila drinks without losing money and will accidentally recall your ex on your wedding day.


They are more inclined toward berrylicious and positive colors. For them, Rubino, made from pomegranate juice and peach-infused Marnier, apple bitter and Champagne would be the best.


Capricorn couples are goofy and classic, which make old fashioned drinks their signature drinks.

Planning a wedding comes with endless choices; however, the decision fatigue is a real thing!


Aquarius is the most defining personality; their choices are unique and one-of-a-kind. So for them, the Negroni Bianco, that comprises of gin, italicus, Luxardo, grapefruit and Castelvetrano olive would be perfect to serve. Further, some corporate catering services also choose the old-timey Italian aperitif or a classic and unexpected old-fashioned rum for their Aquarius drinkers.


Pisces is compassionate, gentle and little dreamy, so for them a sweet, refreshed and ice sphere with a twist of grapefruit would be perfect. Perbellini cocktail combined with tequila, chili-infused Mezcal, mole bitters, and grilled pineapple is what most catering services serve to their Pisces clients.

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