4 Reasons To Hire Cyber Security Firms

Cybercrime is increasing at a mind-boggling rate. At this point, your data is not safe. Businesses have been forced to come up with measures that help them protect their valuable data. What we are fighting is the different kinds of malware and criminals who get hold of data and use it for the wrong reasons. One of the approaches that businesses are adopting to ensure their network is safe is sandboxing.

What is sandboxing?

Sandboxing is a technology whereby a virtual environment is created and used to test whether or not a file contains malware, before allowing it into your network. The sandbox environment is usually controlled, and different programs can be done.

The sandbox is commonly used to test emails for phishing. Phishing is a situation whereby malware is spread through electronic communication such as emails. If you are looking to protect your data from scammers, sandboxing is an approach that you should consider taking.

Here is why it is crucial to work with cyber security firms like Cytelligence.   

1. It can help you combat zero-day threats

These are the types of threats you have no clue about, and you are certainly not prepared for. The fact that you are yet to come across this kind of threat makes you vulnerable to attacks. Attackers can launch zero-day attacks through emails, take control of your computer and steal your data.

Sandboxing protects your network from zero-day threats by filtering your emails and blocking attachments that have malware from accessing your inbox.

2. You will stay ahead of cybercriminals

Data is critical to day to day to operations of any business, big or small. Attackers are aware of how valuable data is, and that is why they will launch attacks indiscriminately. No one is safe. One of the things that give them an edge in carrying out their malicious acts is because most businesses are merely prepared.

They only act when it is too late and incurred losses already. You don’t have to wait until you lose your profits to scammers. Having a sandbox environment keeps you steps ahead of attackers. With this environment, you are prepared for anything that comes your way. This way, cybercriminals will not take advantage of your data to benefit themselves.

3. It will save your business from losses

There are several ways through which you can lose your business profits to attackers. If they access your company’s or clients’ financial information, they can use it to withdraw money from their accounts. Withholding your data and only allowing you to access it when you pay a ransom is also one of the ways attackers can exploit you financially.

It does not stop there. Remember that you are likely to find yourself in the middle of lawsuits if client’s data you were entrusted with, lands in the wrong hands. Having a sandbox to run the different programs you use in your business, will protect you from the mentioned financial implications.

4. It steps in for errors made in coding

Attackers are so determined to get hold of your data; they will take advantage of any chance they get to get their hands on it. One of the weak points that most people fail to realize that makes the entry of the attackers easy are programs. Man is to error, and there will always be a few errors in the coding of an application. These serve as entry points for attackers.

Having a sandbox in place automatically takes care of such vulnerabilities. It provides your business data with an extra layer of protection.

The business environment is chaotic and hectic. Most business owners concentrate on keeping their customers satisfied and meeting their financial goals. It is worth noting that without protecting your data, achieving the said goals may be near impossible. It is why you need to pay equal attention to the safety of the data your business holds.

Creating a sandbox environment for the programs in your network is a smart approach to take. Work with a reliable IT support team to put this in place to reap the benefits. Together with other anti-malware techniques, cyber-attacks will be the least of your worries.

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