Chatbots and How You Can Use Them In Your Business

Chatbots are an excellent example of how much artificial intelligence has evolved over the years. Currently, there are billions of people using applications such as WhatsApp and Facebook, and as this number increases, so does the need for virtual chatbots. Some countries such as China are already setting the pace because they have some bots that are sophisticated enough to carry out advanced functions such as calling a cab and sending money to friends from your phone. Chatbots help to save you time as well as energy because they automate customer support and more. The main reasons why people are motivated to interact with these AI include;

1. Entertainment

Chatbots bring people happiness due to the hilarious tips that they accord them, and they also help you to kill time when you don’t have anything to do.

2. Productivity

Chatbots provide you with access to critical information in a fast and efficient way. They also provide you with assistance in different matters.

3. Curiosity 

The very idea of chatbots sparks a lot of interest among people. People are, therefore end up trying something different and exploring their talents.

4. Relational and social factors

Chatbots make it possible for you to hold conversations, therefore, enhancing your social experience. Talking to bots can also help you to speak your mind without fear of being judged, avoid loneliness, and improve your conversational skills.

Types of chatbots 

Depending on the programming, it is possible to divide chatbots into two broad categories. Those groups are;

1. Simple chatbots

This group works based on pre-written keywords which the bots understand. Every single command must be written separately by the developer. The developer can achieve this by either using some forms of string analysis such as regular expressions. If you ask the chatbot a question which doesn’t contain a single keyword, it may not understand and will give you an answer indicating that it does not understand 

2. Smart chatbots

On the other hand, intelligent chatbots rely upon artificial intelligence as they are communicating with you. Instead of answers that have been previously prepared, the chatbot will suggest adequately in relation yo your topic. Additionally, the words that you say to a bot are recorded so that they can be processed later on. 

What can chatbots do for your business?

Many start-ups, as well as savvy firms, are incorporating chatbots to become part of their daily functions, sales processes, as well as customer engagement. You can get amazing chatbots from tech firms like Ada. Here aresome reasons why you should also consider chatbots for your business too.

1. Improve your customer service

It can be quite irritating when you are trying to get customer assistance, and then you are told to hold for a moment before you get the much-needed help. Furthermore having to lookup an answer in the FAQ is equally frustrating because you may not the time and energy to scroll through hundreds of pages. Therefore chatbots will ensure that your customers get the help they need in a timely fashion.

2. Streamlining shopping

Creating lists before going shopping is an important step that may sometimes prove to be tedious. With chatbots, your customers are only required to write to it what you need, and the bot will send this information to the department of sales. The chatbots will remember your clients’ preferences and will utilize this information once they return for another shopping experience.

3. They personalize communication

Chatbots will answer your visitors’ specific questions, rather than providing them with a long list of partially unnecessary information. The more the attention that your potential buyer gets, the more they’ll want to buy from you.

4.Improving your response rate

Many of the questions that come to your business pages may go unanswered for various reasons. With chatbots, it is possible to respond to all the messages, therefore, converting many visitors into actual buyers.

5. Automating repetitive tasks

Many customers usually want answers for similar questions such as hours of operation, your location, among others. To avoid writing the same answer over and over again, get a chatbot. That way, you can reduce the workload.

Many fellow entrepreneurs are just figuring out how beneficial chatbots are. Although the technology is in its early stages, investing in a chatbot will give your business an edge by boosting sales.

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