Preventative Healthcare Startups Becomes Worthy In UK’s Ecosystem

As we all know that technology is becoming a significant part of our ecosystem and at a current scenario, no one can imagine his or her life without technology as it is enhancing the lifestyle of human community in various aspects, whether it is about communication, entertainment, travel or business purposes. In addition to this, a supportive participation of internet is also offering an accomplished platform for various startup companies to culminate.

In midst of  all these entertainment, communication and business related tech innovations by different startups, there is a wider scope of innovation in preventative healthcare solutions as well but many startups won’t able to execute their ideas in this particular genre because of various factors that include investors, mentors, man-force and coaches.

But it seems scenario for healthcare oriented startups is changing in countries like UK and US as in 2014, $4.1 Billion was invested in the US in digital health companies that are focused on wearable devices, consumer engagement, data and analytics and personalised medicine.

And now UK is going to be the next big player in health care as MSD (Merck Sharp & Dohme Ltd), global healthcare leader and Telefonica’s Wayra Open future has teamed up to launch a new startup accelerator programme called Velocity Health.

Velocity Health will be the first preventative healthcare startup accelerator programme of its type in UK, will search for UK’s digital startups and ask them to elevate the ideas on how to tackle healthcare related problems currently encountered by the NHS (National Health Service) over a 10-month period. And the selected companies will be awarded investors, mentors and related facilities, to accomplish and develop their ideas and innovations.


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