How to Prepare Maths For JEE Exam 2017

To learn Mathematics, it would literally mean to learn the art of solving problems and not just restricted to learning some formulas and concepts. Let us take the example of one of the pioneers in the field of math education Byju’s the learning App where they provide video content in tandem with the JEE syllabus  while relying on NCERT textbooks which are important many at the class XII level and the curriculum designed by India’s top faculties who are experts in this domain.

The tips mentioned below would prove helpful while studying Maths for IIT JEE 2017:

Create interest in the subject to perform better:

If you take any field on either work or play, you would have realised that you cannot succeed in any domain unless you are passionate about what subject you are dealing with or what activity you are involved in. The same case applies here as one could excel in mathematics while enjoying learning the subject compared to the ones who does not. Let us take the case of learning tricks in mathematics (like solving puzzles and playing games) to solve problems where a person having a liking for the subject feels thrilled while doing them as opposed to a person who feels frustrated while taking help for solving them.

Use Flashcards for learning better

To remember important aspects of math like formulas, you can make use of thick paper cards of small size having formulas and concepts written on them which you could carry as per your convenience while helping you to remember the important ones. You could use them even during times when you are not working, while you might be commuting to work on train, bus or car. The added advantage of this is that it would help you to build genuine interest and making the best use of your leisure time.

Try solving the problems without referring solutions

Most of us know the fact that due to the abundant availability of books like the NCERT solutions for class 12 for studying this subject, students might fall for the trap of referring the answers to the questions while they are in the middle of solving a problem which is detrimental for their progress. If possible, resist the urge to look at the solutions given at the end of every chapter and see your performance skyrocket. In maths, you need to have an attitude of a fighter where you have to apply different approaches to solve a problem like Byju’s having their own unique strategies for solving problems in an interactive manner for test preparations for JEE and JEE Sample Papers with answers provide by their in house experts.

Revise and Re- learn

It is the common pattern among some students that if they somehow manage to derive a solution, they would barely have a look at them on a later part during their preparations. This would result in the students forgetting them and thus reduce the possibility of revising the grey areas. Such incidents would impact the student’s performance badly and should be countered by repeated revision and re-learn the things again if and when required.

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