Partitioning your hard drives is important for all types of pc users

To most users, the words “partitioning your hard drives” are reserved for the more advanced PC users. Novice users do not know what partitioning your hard drive means much less on how to create these partitions. Partitioning your disks is your first line of defense against data corruption and serves as your basic backup solution for your important files and other data like photos, music, and other important documents.

Normally data corruption occurs when your computer suffers from a system crash which is most often times caused by a virus attack or a Trojan activating. Also, data corruption can also occur due to human error or hardware failure causing your disk drives getting corrupted. If this happens to your computer, all the files, folders, data such as photos, music, documents located on the affected disk drive will be lost or deemed inaccessible.  But if your hard drive was partitioned, the files and other data located on the partitioned disk will not be affected and will still be accessible once your system gets back up or if accessed when plugged into a different computer.

Partitioning your disk is relatively easy; this is usually done after a reformat of your disk during the installation of a new operating system. You will be asked on whether to want to partition your drives during the installation process.  There are also programs out there that can help you create a new partition without the need for a reformat or a reinstall of your operating system. Tools like the EaseUS partition manager is one of the most popular partition managers out there. It’s probably due to its ease of use, even the most novice users will be able to create and manage their partitions with just a few simple clicks. It is designed to cater to both home and office users. It also supports the latest operating systems like Windows 8. With the partition manager, you can even change the partition sizes, merge partitions, copy and even restore a partition in case it was accidentally deleted or lost due to data corruption among other causes. Here’s a link to the download partition software page where you can get the partition master free, or you can choose to download the partition master trial version also for free. Although offered for free, the tool still offers you all of the essential basics for all your partitioning and disk management needs.

The error message: “Operating System not found”, is one of those error messages we all hope we do not encounter when using our PC, it’s like one of those dreaded blue screens of death type of errors. Getting these types of messages usually results in a corrupted data and would often times require a reformat and a reinstallation of your operating system. This error usually corrupts the master boot record or the MBR, which result in you to not being able to load windows. Thankfully, you can rebuild or repair the MBR using the partition master tool, and there is a lot of information available on how to rebuild MBR which is actually really easy to do. And thankfully, this tool is already included when you download the partition master tool so no need to worry about finding tools for this error when you already have the partition master installed on your system.

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