One App That Never Lets You Down- Vidmate!

The Internet has now become an alternative for the television box and allows people to connect to any video they want through their laptops or phones with just an internet connection. The Internet has become a major part of everyone’s lifestyle and so is consuming data online. We spend a lot of our time watching videos online, surfing or simply playing games. Moreover, choosing a perfect solution while searching what to watch is a must. One of the greatest tools that are the preference of everyone is vidmate. The mobile application vidmate allows you to enjoy multiple advantages like

Easy to use

One application becomes very attractive when it is easy to use and has a user-friendly interface. Vidmate is the application that allows the experience of users of the app, easy and convenient. It is very easy to use and has a simplistic user interface. One can easily know how to use the application on the first go itself without much thus enhances a user’s experience.


One of the major advantages of Vidmate apk is that it is compatible with all other applications. Vidmate is the one application that allows you to download videos from all the platforms, regardless of their server restrictions. Using vidmate one can get access to any video from any app or website.  Through vidmate, you can also save the video offline. It doesn’t restrict the viewer to store the video.

Fast downloading

In today’s time, everyone is in a hurry. Vidmate allows you to speed up your video downloading speed up to 200%. It is more than any other app. One has full control over the video downloading. Vidmate also allows you to track the progress of your video downloading and also you can paise and resume download according to your wishes.

Enables sharing

This application allows you to share videos on multiple platforms like Facebook, Whatsapp, etc. One can also upload the videos on multiple platforms. Sometimes there is a situation where you want to share any video on your WhatsApp story but not able to. Vidmate takes away these restrictions. It supports all social media platforms.

Buffering free

One of the biggest and primary advantages of using vidmate is that it offers you the experience of watching videos without any buffering or halting. In a video downloaded through vidmate app can be watched without any internet connection and there will be no space of unwanted breaks.


Each and every one of you complains of storage in your mobile phones. No need to worry about space in case of vidmate app. Vidmate is a small-sized application which will occupy only 11 MBs of space in your device. Moreover, it doesn’t require any other app to install.

We can conclude that this application is very powerful and useful. It is a specialized tool for video downloading and is well equipped with any numbers of striking features. The APK file is available for this application so you can download vidmate APK and install it in your mobile phones and reap the benefits of this app.

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