Odoco, an Online Co-Working Space Portal Aims To Be The Airbnb For Office Space

As we all know that the marketplace for co-working office space is prevailing in Countries like the United States where companies such as WeWork is actively expanding their businesses in the field of Co-Working and office space.

And when we look at vast south Asian Country like India where the demand for office space and co-working environment is immense considering the number of startups, companies, and ventures are emerging with every coming day.

But the opportunity of being a marketplace for co-working space is still untapped in India. That’s where Odoco is exploiting the golden opportunity by becoming an online community of co-working space for tenants and owners to help them discover each other and facilitate co-working in India.

Unlike WeWork, Here Odoco is following the ideology of Airbnb by becoming the marketplace for co-working space community instead.

By now, Odoco has listed over 200+ offices across 6 cities and approaching the listing of 4 new offices every day. Their inventories consist of Shared Offices, Co-working Spaces, Business Centers, and Cafés, with a per-seat inventory of over 13,000.

Odoco allows the registration for anyone who has extra space in his or her office, even one desk or small spaces. The company makes sure that only those office spaces are being listed that comes with necessary amenities like; WiFi, clean workspace, good lighting, something to drink and clean washrooms through a robust verification process.

At Odoco, Owners can register their spaces on the website for free along with their contact details, pricing, pictures, location, timings, amenities, user reviews and other office specifications. Then the users at Odoco can easily navigate through the site to find the office spaces as per their preferences and budget. The user has the option to contact the owners directly over the phone or WhatsApp message.

By the end of 2018, The platform is aiming to list over 800 spaces across 9 cities with approximately, 40,000 seats. And the owners will be able to purchase premium plans that will allow them to get more exposure and better conversion rates through the platform.

Users will also have a plethora of customizable options to modify their profiles giving space owners a more in-depth glance at who they are and what their business is all about. And users will be able to view other user profiles as well which will help when searching for a partner, customer, employee or entrepreneur that would be interesting to work with, increasing the community view of our platform.

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