New York is perfect environment for any blogging startup

Like, We all know that blogging is becoming a sensational profession all around the world and web. Nowadays everyone wanted to involve in this profession also because it is more creative and interesting.

One of the main reason behind adopting this profession is that this involves money through advertising. It means any blogger could be able to share his knowledge and earn revenue through advertisement.

But many technology based bloggers want to live in Silicon Valley for the benefit of their blogging business because Silicon Valley (San Francisco) is the place where almost all tech events and news happened.

But one thing, we should keep in our mind that blogging is kind of journalism and New York is the city of journalism. So In my opinion every tech blogger who want to become a successful blogger should take flights to new york and make sure that his blogging s creative, fresh and comes from heart.

Because many tech giants want to show off their latest products in this particular city like Samsung announced its Galaxy S4 in new York this april.


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