Moda Casting, An App That’s ReInventing The Modeling Industry

As we all know that technology and digitization have already transformed the way of living for all of us in recent few years. Right from ordering pizza on weekends to booking an Uber cab or rental rooms on Airbnb, it’s all bottoms down to one simple click. These innovations have entirely eradicated the fuss created by intermediary or middlemen such as higher pricing by cab agencies, or inappropriate rental rooms provided by dealers at a costly price.

Now the question arises whether we’ve managed to completely eliminate each and every pitfall through the internet and digitization for the benefit of consumers/service providers/business owners? The answer is “NOT YET”.

Here you need to understand that the most glamorous industry that is the Modeling Industry is actually considered as the least safe environment for female models as almost 1 out of every 3 models are experiencing sexual harassment on a frequent basis due to unethical principles practiced by those so-called “Modeling and Casting Agencies”.

That’s where an app called Moda comes into the picture that is functioning proactively to capture the untapped market of modeling industry via a digital platform. Moda simply allows clients to book models on-demand without the need for contacting any modeling agency. The App is unique in itself if we compare it with any other platform because models can choose their current availability and only be visible to clients if the “available” button is selected.

Apart from that, the platform uses a fixed pricing structure based on the market and the model’s past experience. Simply select the type of model that you want to hire and choose from a selection of “now available” models in any city. You can also filter models by age, gender, race, specific measurements, etc.

To ensure safety and credibility, Moda only allows bookings from clients that are linked to registered companies that have been screened by Moda’s Team. The platform also uses additional layers of verification such as Facebook and Instagram integrations and a video confirmation for the models directly from the app. It also utilizes the geolocation and model tracking from the time models are on the way until the completion of the job.

You can download the Moda app on iOS for free.

Victor Teruel, founder, and CEO of Moda developed the Moda app with a vision to elucidate the process of booking talent by connecting available models directly with clients. And by dislodging the agencies out of the process, models can simply earn 30 percent more commission for each booking and clients will be able to save time and money.

Recently Moda Casting app has partnered with Project Consent, a national non-profit to combat sexual abuse in the modeling industry.

Together they’ve created: #SpeakUp a fundraising campaign to change the current culture in the modeling industry through the technological advancements that the Moda Casting app provides— a safer work environment for models across the U.S.

The purpose of the campaign is to raise funds so that Moda Casting can expand operations across the U.S. and to render their service to models in different states. 10% of all the proceeds will go to Project Consent so that they can continue their work of creating content against rape.

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