Maternity and Family Leave Act- Everything you Ought to Know

Numerous people are unaware regarding the laws that permit you to take sufficient leaves when you are critically ill or during your pregnancy.

Every state has different family and maternity leave act, which decides your eligibility for leaves. These laws benefit the employers to take ample leaves if they become seriously ill, or become pregnant.

The maternity and family laws determine how much leaves are permitted to the employee during the pregnancy or some severe illness. Here is a quick guide to maternity and family leaves act that every employee should know.

How long one can take Maternity Leaves?

According to the standard laws across different states, one can take approximately 12 weeks of leave. However, one needs to fulfill certain criteria to get benefitted from these laws. It states that the employee should be working in an organization for at least 12 months.

Furthermore, the employee must have worked for a minimum of 1250 hours, which makes them eligible to take leaves for some serious illness, or to take care of a sick family member. These leaves are unpaid, and one can join the organization anytime within 12 months.

Do you get paid For the Leaves?

In most of the situations, you are not eligible for paid leaves. Sometimes depending on your organization, one can get few paid leaves on certain conditions. Since this law isn’t similar in every country, some states have a provision in the law that supports paid leaves in case of serious illness, life-threatening disease, or some complication during pregnancy.

Some countries are working on their laws so that they could offer maximum benefits to the employees. Moreover, there exist some countries having complete reimbursement laws that ensure adequate compensation is offered to the employee in case of injury, illness, or death.

Can anyone Challenge these Laws?

People are often harassed when it comes to leaves. In most of the cases, employees aren’t provided proper leave advantages even if they are demanding unpaid leaves. One has a legal right to get sick leaves or maternity leaves if they fulfill the eligibility criteria.

You can take legal action against the company if your employer is harassing you during your pregnancy or any serious illness. One can take professional help from a legal advisor in the matter. Numerous cases are registered each year against such organizations.

What are the illnesses that are covered?

All the serious illnesses including life-threatening diseases are covered under family leave act. One can get ample leaves if their family member is going through some illness and needs adequate treatment and time for care and nurture.

Apart from this, if someone is pregnant, and requires adequate leaves during this period, she has the right to apply for the leaves depending on the policies of the organization. All you need is a little awareness regarding the rights that you possess.


These were some aspects related to family and maternity leaves act, which provides you adequate information regarding your rights in your organization.

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