Initial Steps to follow when a Dog Bites your Family Member

Dogs are undoubtedly the best companions for humans, but one can’t ignore their potential to risk an individual’s life.

Millions of people in the world are bitten by dogs each year, which is the reason why people are considering legal help in this matter. Sometimes people get baffled when such incident takes place. It is necessarily crucial to seek medical attention as a dog bite could cause severe pain, infection, or nerve damage.

Here are some of the steps that one should consider if a dog bites their family member.

Immediately Report the Event

One of the initial things is to report the instance to the local police quickly. One can also consider calling the animal control officer and inform them regarding the entire incident. This is important as the authorities would manage some medical help along with a veterinarian that can confirm whether the dog is vaccinated or not.

Apart from this, reporting the incidence also ensures that you get the appropriate treatment depending on the severity of the injury. Sometimes people ignore the severity of the bite, which could eventually cause rabies in future. A veterinarian confirms whether the dog possesses symptoms of rabies or not.

Moreover, the authorities decide what actions should be taken against the dog owner if a dog is responsible for more than one incident.

Seek Medical Attention

Since the victim of a dog bite isn’t in a state of mind to take the right decision, it is your responsibility to seek first-aid. The wound should be treated precisely, and it is recommended to apply necessary anti-septic and anti-bacterial to clean the lesion.

In case of deep injury, prefer calling the ambulance and rush towards the nearest hospital for adequate medical attention. The physician may undergo minimal surgery and put some stitches to close the cut along with ample bandage.

One should never ignore the importance of medical treatment even if the wound isn’t deep. It doesn’t matter whether the wound caused bleeding or not; chances of rabies still exist! Furthermore, a medical help could be evidence that could be utilized further to get reimbursement from the owner.

Consult a Renowned Legal Advisor

It is always a wise decision to consult a legal advisor that can help you in you in this matter. The dog owner can be considered the culprit in some cases, which can be challenged in the court. As a victim of a dog bite, one has rights to sue the dog owner legally and demand adequate compensation.

If you are unable to decide which attorney would befit you, it is advised to explore the internet to find a renowned law agency. For example, you can search Dog Bite Attorney in West Covina if you are seeking legal help in West Covina. Make sure you provide adequate information regarding the instance to your lawyer so that your attorney could guide you wisely.


These are undoubtedly the initial steps that you need to follow whenever you are in a situation when your relative is bitten by a dog.   

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