Make sure your career choice is right for you

Everyone wants to have a career that they love, but how does one know what that is?  Research suggests that people are just plain bad at predicting how they will feel when doing something in the future.  It isn’t uncommon for individuals to start off on one career path only to find that they would much prefer to do something else.

The decision to change careers can be a confusing, anxiety-riddled experience, but also one that can be incredibly interesting, challenging, and rewarding.  But, how should one go about making that decision?

Making the right decision when it comes to choosing a career can be a challenge.  The occupation should be interesting but also a good motivational fit for the individual.  This motivation could be focused on achievement, advancement, and rewards or focused on financial security and stability.  Knowing one’s dominant focus can help evaluate which particular occupation might be the way to go within the desired field.

Whether one is just leaving school or making a change in one’s career path, it is important to consider a rewarding and interesting profession.  Researching different options, realizing one’s strengths, and acquiring new skills are all part of the process.  But first, one must figure out in which field he or she would like to work.

The optical industry

The optical industry offers plenty of opportunity for growth and is an excellent way to either re-invigorate a wilting career or introduce one to a fascinating sector.  For example, if one considers careers at Stanton Optical, a fairly new company in the industry, he or she may have the opportunity to experience a position that is rewarding, challenging, and continuously interesting while still leaving room for financial security and growth.

Working as an optician, for example, is the perfect way to become part of the optical industry, which helps people with poor sight improve their well-being each and every day.  An optician is the individual responsible for making and fitting corrective lenses according to a prescription written by an ophthalmologist or optometrist.  The optician, who is a primary healthcare provider, plays a vital role in helping people see clearly again!

Because the optician works in healthcare, he or she gets to use a number of specialist tools, which are constantly updated and bounded by a code of practice.  The constant access to the most recent technology definitely keeps this occupation exciting.  Of course, there is a significant amount of education and training that goes into becoming an optician, which continues throughout the life of one’s career.

Most positions within the optical industry are client-facing roles, which means that one must enjoy dealing with the public and helping people.  However, it is a rewarding and fascinating industry that requires an eye for detail, confidence, a good grasp of mathematics, and managerial skills.  Eventually, one may even have the opportunity to become an educator in the optical field, based on experience, or even own his or her own business!

The possibilities are seemingly endless when it comes to working within the optical industry.



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