Lytro’s Illum could be the future of Light Field Photography

Here is the latest report that Lytro announced its new Illum on Tuesday with exceptional features. As company described “A new era of photography has arrived. Now, with LYTRO ILLUM, nothing stands in your way from telling a deeper story by truly capturing life in a different light.”

In addition to this,  “40 Megaray customized sensor, with Lytro’s patented microlens array technology, unlocks the ability to capture the color, intensity and direction of the light rays flowing into the camera” said by company.

According to various sources, this camera will be available in July for $1,599 and come with a possessory software stage where people can review their images, create customer animations, stuffs related to them and export files in common outlay as well.

“The incredibly versatile 8x optical zoom 30-250mm equivalent focal lens with a constant f/2.0 aperture and 1:3 macro lets you take a wide range of shots without ever having to change your lens. And, with its unrivaled lens weighing in at just half a pound, LYTRO ILLUM gives you precise photographic control with an exceptionally light and agile design.” company said in product info page.

This device will be compatible with other photo editing software which includes Adobe photoshop, Lightroom and Apple’s Aperture app.

Overall, this expensive product is idea for professional photographers and for those people who are obsessed with high quality of photography.

Sources & Image Credit: Lytro 


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